What Type of Life Insurance Do You Really Want?

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What Type of Life Insurance Do You Really Want?

Some advisors tell you to Buy Term Life Insurance and Invest the Difference, but there is a better way (no secret). 🤔

Some advisors tell you to Buy Universal Life Insurance (UL, VUL, EIUL or IUL variants), but this is really a pre-packaged form of the same strategy 🎁 – Buy Term and Invest the Difference. There’s still a better way!

What type of life insurance(s) do you really want? We tell you to buy Whole Life Insurance with a strong PUA rider (Paid Up Additions) + maybe some convertible term insurance (separate policy)…AND you will hear WHY this is the best way to go. When all the pieces come together it just makes sense! You want to keep your options on the table as fully and as long as possible, and you remember Warren Buffet’s first 2 rules: #1 Don’t Lose Money; #2 Don’t Forget Rule #1.

Also on this show a quick review of how long you should think of keeping the PUA rider on a Whole Life Insurance policy for the best results.

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