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Shopping for a well-designed participating whole life insurance policy can be a time-consuming process. How do you know if the agent designing your policy knows how to include all the benefits and features you’ll want?

At McFie Insurance, we make the process easy. We know what options and benefits can be added to a policy, when to add them, and also importantly, when not to add them. We’ll walk you through how we design a good life insurance policy during a web meeting so you can understand how the policy is built and ask questions as we go along.

If you want the best whole life insurance policy for yourself, schedule a strategy session with us. We’ll happily share our knowledge with you and design a good life insurance policy for you.

How It Works

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Schedule a web meeting to design a policy and submit an application.

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2 REVIEWmagnifying glass

We’ll review the life insurance policy proposal from the insurance company and make sure it’s what you want.

3 SIGNpen

You pay the first premium, sign the policy contract and the policy is placed in-force.


We do not charge fees for our service. We are paid a commission by the insurance company when we sell a life insurance policy. Learn More…

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What Our Customers Say

What Makes McFie Insurance Different?

FamilyWe believe you should have control of your own money and financial future, instead of having to blindly trust some “expert” who may not understand your situation, or have your best interest in mind.

We specialize in designing, selling, and servicing high cash value Participating Whole Life Insurance policies, Convertible Term Insurance, Fixed Annuities, and Disability Insurance in all 50 states.

As a family-owned business, we love working together to design customized life insurance policies for each of our clients. In addition to providing life insurance policy information, we offer lots of educational blogs, podcasts, videos, a monthly newsletter, articles, seminars, and solutions that help people grow their wealth and have financial peace of mind.

We also provide independent life insurance reviews for existing policies. If you would like a professional review of your current life insurance policy and its performance, request a complimentary independent life insurance review here.