After working with thousands of people and designing 10’s of thousands of cases, Dr. Tom McFie discovered a unique formula for keeping and creating more of the money you make. He calls it The Perpetual Wealth Code™. Here is a video on it:

Whole Life Insurance

What it is:
Whole life insurance is a permanent type of insurance that provides a death benefit for your WHOLE life. It is a guaranteed contract with tax-free growth and ready access to cash values.

Guaranteed life insurance protection that will not expire as long as premiums and loan interest are paid.
Builds guaranteed Cash Value that is readily accessible
No restrictions on how the Cash Values are used
Potential to earn Dividends (only available with Mutual Companies)
Customizable to meet specific needs and affordability
Optional riders may be added to help pay for critical and terminal illness, disability, etc.

Premiums depend on age, health and risk factors of the insured at the time the policy is issued and can be designed to remain fixed, decrease or even stop during the life of the insured.

Who is it for:
For those who want to leave a financial legacy, build guaranteed tax-free growth and have access to their money

What is Participating Whole Life Insurance?

Participating Whole Life Insurance (PWLI) is a contract that remains in force for the insured’s whole life and typically requires premiums to be paid every year.  The contract is between the policy owner[i] and the insurance company where the insurance company contractually guarantees to pay to the beneficiaries of the contract a… Full Article »

Term Life Insurance

What it is:
Term Insurance is a type of temporary insurance that provides life insurance protection with no cash value or growth. It can be purchased as one year renewable term or, most commonly, for a certain period (10, 15, 20 or 30 years). At the end of the term period, premiums will become much higher and, if premiums are not paid, coverage will expire.

Provides life insurance coverage for a period of time at low cost
May be converted to permanent life insurance in the future

Premiums for Term insurance generally start out very low and rise until they become very high and cost prohibitive. Term will be least expensive when you are youngest. With one year renewable term, premiums continually rise every year. For a 10, 15, 20 or 30 year term, premiums are level for a set period and will then jump to the expensive one year renewable rates.

Who is it for:
For those who want life insurance protection for their family and/or business at a relatively low price for a certain period of time.

Disability Insurance

What it is:
Disability insurance is a type of insurance that provides you with a monthly benefit if you become disabled. Monthly payments are paid for the duration of your disability, or for the specified length of the policy, whichever is sooner.

Provides monthly income in the case of total disability and partial disability
Customizable to income needs
Protects your level of training
Offers student loan repayment features

Premiums for disability insurance vary based on age, occupation and the features of the policy. Once set, premiums remain level for the duration of the contract. During total disability, your policy premiums are waived. During partial disability, premiums may be reduced.

Who is it for:
Disability insurance is for those who want income protection for themselves and their family. Individuals with a high level of specified training also purchase disability insurance to protect their occupation and guarantee an income during their working career.
For example: A surgeon who develops a tremor and can no longer perform surgeries, would receive a monthly payout from their disability policy because they can no longer perform duties of their specifically trained occupation, even though they may be able to work another occupation and draw an income.

Annuity (Fixed Guaranteed)

What it Is:
An annuity is a form of insurance that provides a person with an income for a lifetime, a specific period, or a combination of the two. A Fixed Guaranteed Annuity provides a guaranteed income stream without any market risk. Other kinds, such as the Indexed and Variable annuities, carry market risk. Because of this, McFie Insuranceonly sells Fixed Guaranteed Annuities.

Locks in guaranteed growth
Provides a guaranteed income
No market risk
Customizable to meet specific needs
Can be purchased up to age 90

Annuities can be started with a lump sum or through a series of payments which accumulate value while income from the annuity is deferred.

Who is it for:
Annuities are for people who need to convert a lump sum of assets into a series of guaranteed payments or need a steady, guaranteed income for a period of years. They are often used by people in retirement to provide a guaranteed income stream for their lifetime.


As mentioned in, Winning Your Financial GAME participating Whole Life Insurance is not as common as it has been in years past. Yet as independent agents “Your Wealth Team” at McFie Insurancehas multiple companies to choose from when it comes to designing the very best policy to fit your personal or business needs. Each company we represent has a solid financial rating as well as a strong history of providing dividends to policy owners, so we are not limited to selling products from just one company.


With consulting provided by “Your Wealth Team” (Contact us) its possible for you to have cash value in your policy within 30 days of the time you purchase your policy.


Contact as and one of the consultants on “Your Wealth Team” will help you find out how your existing policy will work best for you. Whatever you do, don’t cancel your existing policy before we can review it.


Not everybody is astute enough to realize that a plan followed by the masses does not guarantee that the plan is best. If your goal is to be like everybody else, then you don’t need a consultant, and you can expect the results that everybody else is getting. If your goal is to have greater success, then we look forward to assisting you as you progress with your worthy ideal.

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