Different Types of Life Insurance

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Different Types of Life Insurance

Recently a poplar investment and financial website ran an article about Life Insurance, but the article was inaccurate and not true.

We responded with a new article on the subject, bringing much needed clarity to how Cash Value Life Insurance works.

Today on Wealth Talks, John and Ben talk about the different types of Life Insurance available, and how you can use your cash value life insurance as a financial tool.

There are multiple types of life insurance, each kind created for a specific purpose. Some accumulate cash value, some are just pure death benefit, still others have an investment option.

Listen in and learn about the different types of life insurance, and why life insurance is called the 4th pillar of Americanism.

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1. Whole life insurance is a _______________ type of insurance product

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2. Whole life insurance provides a death benefit for:

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3. In regards to the premiums on whole life insurance policies, which statement is correct:

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4. The cash values of a whole life insurance policy can be used by business owners for business purposes and, in some cases, can provide the business owner with an interest deduction.

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5. Which answer(s) are true. Whole life insurance...

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