Using Whole Life Insurance Cash Value To Build Your Wealth


What Is Cash Value Life Insurance?

Cash value life insurance is permanent life insurance coverage that includes a savings-like component called cash value. Policies built to grow cash value use part of the premium to build a cash reserve that can be accessed during the life of the policyholder. But what types of insurance have cash value? Does whole life insurance have cash value? This article will explain how to maximize your whole life insurance with cash value.

  • Types of Cash Value Life Insurance: Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Universal Life, and Indexed Universal Life are all types of life insurance that include cash value. Whole Life Insurance uniquely builds equity through its policy design.
  • Whole Life Insurance Advantages: Whole Life Insurance offers guaranteed fixed premiums and enables policyholders to track when cash values surpass the amount of premiums paid, providing reliable permanent coverage and cash value growth.
  • Cash Value Growth Determinants: The growth of cash value in Whole Life Insurance is gradual and influenced by factors such as policy design, the age and health of the insured, premium payments, and a guaranteed rate of return.
  • Utilizing Cash Value for Wealth Building: Cash value in Whole Life Insurance can be accessed through policy loans, withdrawals, or to pay premiums, with policy loans being the most beneficial option.
  • Tax Implications of Cash Value in Whole Life Insurance: The growth of cash value in Whole Life Insurance is tax-deferred. Effective policy management and the benefit of fixed premiums are crucial for maintaining long-term tax advantages.

Types of Cash Value Life Insurance

There are a few different kinds of life insurance that have cash value including:

While all these types of life insurance claim the benefits of cash value, whole life insurance is the only permanent life insurance product that builds equity through the policy design. All other permanent cash value life insurance policies are built with a renewable term insurance component, so they cannot ever build equity through the life insurance component. The cost of insurance will keep rising and the policy will never be paid up (think paid off) but will merely be leased on a renewable basis. Whole life insurance cash value continues to build throughout your life, which is a living benefit of the policy you can use while you’re alive. 

If whole life insurance is new to you, you may want to read more about how it works here.

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