Stock or Mutual Insurance Company?

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Stock or Mutual Insurance Company?

Most public facing insurance companies today are organized as stock-held companies. 🏢 Many mutual carriers have reorganized as mutual holding companies.

What does this mean for you? Example: You get a whole life policy from a mutual carrier. BUT then the contract says your policy was issued by a stock company! You still participate/receive dividends + have voting rights as a mutual policy holder, so what just happened?

No cause for alarm. If you chose a mutual holding company, this is normal. Here’s how a typical mutual holding structure works and what you should know as a policy holder with a company organized in this manner.

Topic #2: What is the 7-pay test?

One of you recently asked a question about the 7-pay test. Today you get the answer + hear why some people intentionally want policies that are Modified Endowment Contracts. And yes, this does make sense sometimes.


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