Building Wealth in Times of Change

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Building Wealth in Times of Change

The American system of government based upon “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”, has facilitated the largest burst of creativity, wealth production and accumulation in all human history.

Within this system there is always conflict between extremes which tends to find a working balance in different ways at different times. When a viable balance is achieved during the struggle for equilibrium, human energy is harnessed in amazing ways resulting in remarkable production of wealth. When an extreme human-created ideology prevails on either end of a spectrum, wealth tends to be suppressed and even destroyed.

Of course, not all struggles are political in nature. Some take place within the financial world, within specific industries or even within a religion. Some issues carry widespread implications while others are more local in nature.

It helps to recognize that extremists tend toward chaos and tyranny, but a balanced perspective creates an environment of greater freedom which is exactly the recipe needed for growing and protecting wealth at a personal/family level.

Some issues are obviously macro-level, which no one person can change overnight; but many small decisions can be made at an individual level to help your own life more become balanced and effective as well as assisting the pendulum to swing the appropriate way at the macro level.

Resources: History of Money and Banking documentary