Hugh Cradduck

When looking for a way to honorably secure financial security beyond his service to his chiropractic patients, Dr. Hugh Cradduck entrusted his retirement savings to the managers of financial plans. He quickly realized that this really meant “surrendering control and access, with no guarantee of gain” on his money.

Then Hugh was introduced to Tom McFie and The Perpetual Wealth Code™.  He read Prescription For Wealth and understood that he could use a conservative, guaranteed strategy to increase his wealth both for today and in the years to come…all while creating a legacy for those he loves.

Appreciating the expert and caring Team at McFie Insurance, Hugh wanted to join the Team. He became a Mentor at McFie Insuranceand is dedicated to assisting others in understanding how they can confidently use The Perpetual Wealth Code™.

A husband, and father of three children, Hugh greatly enjoys singing. He also backpacks, exercises, participates in Community Theater, reads and enjoys nutritious food.


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