Dr. Tom McFie

As the youngest of 6 children I grew up in financial poverty, sharing a single bed with my brother until I was 10 years old. On cold winter mornings we’d wake up and scratch our names in the frost that had built up on the inside of the walls of the bedroom we shared with our parents. And so at a very young age I decided that poverty was unacceptable.

Two doctorate degrees later, I was still searching for the answers on how to create wealth. Today I’m known as the man who “beat the bankers” not because I did everything the bankers, financial planners and CPAs told me to do with my money but because I started doing what bankers do with their own money. That was the key that unlocked the vault to The Perpetual Wealth Code™. Today, sharing this key with others has become my passion. Helping others become wealthier every year is awesome!

But being wealthy is more than just making or having more money. That’s why you’ll find me spending lots of time with my family having fun in the sun, flying our airplane, taking mission trips together and just building relationships because these are the things, which are true wealth…the wealth which can never be destroyed or taken away.


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