Levi Villareal

Levi Villareal is from Concord, CA! When Levi graduated from College with his Bachelors degree in nursing, his mother encouraged him to talk to McFie Family Insuranceto learn how he could invest in his future and make smarter decisions with his money. Levi’s mother had purchased a life insurance policy on Levi years ago and she wanted Levi to understand how to most effectively manage the money he would be making over his life time. So Levi set up a meeting.

During that meeting, Levi learned about the 10-20-70 Rule which sets the stage for starting to implement the Perpetual Wealth Code™. To determine his own numbers, Levi was asked what percentage of his income he thought he was worth. Levi’s first reaction was, “I’m worth a lot!” and when the rubber met the road, he agreed that he was worth at least 10% of everything he made. And he realized that this 10% wasn’t to pay the bills or utilities; it was to save.

After the meeting, Levi had a new mindset. Up until this time, he had always thought the more money he could put away, the richer he would be. But now he realized that saving was only the first part of the equation. Now he was learning that it was also important to be using his money, to keep it flowing and regenerating. By a productive process of money management, his money would create perpetual wealth. “It’s not like I HAVE to save this money. It’s more like, ‘I’m worth this 10%’”, says Levi. “It makes me feel more confidant in my abilities.”

Seeing Levi’s discipline, knowledge and understanding with the Perpetual Wealth Code™, his mother decided to transfer the policy she owned on Levi into his name. This was Levi’s first policy and although he could now dip into it whenever he wanted to, Levi used it very wisely because, as Levi says, “You want to watch it grow, you want to take care of it like a baby and safe guard it.” Levi says he is diligent and vigilant with his money because he knows that being strict with himself and saving accordingly will work out in the end.

Levi is already experiencing enhanced wealth. Now, a few years later, Levi has added another policy on his life. And he’s had some fun with his cash values too. As an avid basketball fan, Levi was very excited last year to use the cash values from his policy to go to all consecutive playoff games and to the finals of the Golden State Warriors in Oakland, CA. This was a dream come true.

Levi also loves to travel overseas which he has been able to do by practicing the Perpetual Wealth Code™. “It’s just the exponential curve,” says Levi, excited to see where it takes him.

Levi’s friends are watching him and see some of the neat things he’s been able to do. Sometimes they give him this look of, “You’re just being wasteful…you need to put your money in a 401k or invest in_________.” Or sometimes they tell him, “You must be really rich.” To which Levi replies, “No, I’m not. I’m just using my money smartly.”

Perhaps if Levi’s friends understood the 10-20-70 Rule and the Perpetual Wealth Code™ maybe they would see there is a better way to manage money that would enable them to save for retirement, create perpetual wealth…and live NOW, just like Levi is doing. In fact, Levi admits that he wishes his friends would understand and put these same practices into action. Then he would be able to have their company on some of his ventures.

Levi continues to improve as a Money Manager. And he has attended the last three Wealth Summits. Noting that each Summit is different, Levi comments, “Each time I attend, I learn something new.” Levi likes to be in a room filled with people of similar values who have their own unique experience with The Perpetual Wealth Code™. He learns from the real life strategies and stories, and of course, the speakers deliver tons of information. He prefers to attend the Wealth Summits as a VIP so that he gets to be part of the VIP dinner.

If Levi plays hard, he also works hard. Recently, there has been a big push to transfer all US based hospitals from paper charting to electronic charting. This means that physicians and nurses need to learn the new electronic systems which is where Levi comes into the picture. Using his nursing degree to educate professionals on the system, Levi helps them with charting quickly and efficiently, freeing up more of their time so they can get right back to taking care of their patients.

Besides sports and traveling, Levi enjoys going to the gym and attending weddings.

Sources: Levi Villareal, and the Living Richly newsletter 2017

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