You Don’t Have to Lose Money IF You Don’t Gamble with Risk

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You Don’t Have to Lose Money IF You Don’t Gamble with Risk

Compounding is wonderful when it’s working continuously for you – and not so wonderful when large losses interrupt the process. But you don’t have to lose money if you don’t gamble with risk. ♠️

You can’t always trust what people tell you to do with your money, but you can watch what wise people are doing with their OWN money. Warren Buffet says to be “Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” Stock-piling cash when other people are greedily chasing the market, can be a great strategy; then instead of gambling with risk you can take more calculated risk (if & when you wish) and you can secure a compounding foundation of guarantees.

Start with guarantees and you can build a financial portfolio with both guarantees and results from calculated risk. Start by gambling with risk and you will never see the full potential of guarantees in your portfolio.

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