What To Do When 100k/year Is Not Enough

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What To Do When 100k/year Is Not Enough

Many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but times are not getting any easier financially, so it’s time to break this cycle now because it will only get more painful to do it later.

We know people who are living paycheck to paycheck whether they make a low income or hundreds of thousands every year. The size of your income doesn’t always matter, but financial principles always do. Sometimes you can cut expenses, and other times you can think more creatively about additional income too.

Many times, you just have to step away from all of life’s craziness, get in a corner by yourself with pad of paper and THINK about where you are, where you really want to go and how you can make adjustments to get there.

A Biblical Guide to Personal Finance has additional tips and principal about financial stewardship which you may find helpful on your journey to financial stability and success.

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