What is Truth? A Historic Question Critical to Your Prosperity

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What is Truth? A Historic Question Critical to Your Prosperity

Truth has been so distorted, and redefined in our world that it’s easy to wonder if there really is absolute “truth” anymore. Experts tell people to embrace a new world 🌎 where everything is “relative” to everything else – a world where Opinion trumps Fact and nothing is totally certain.

This is a corrupt idea with dangerous consequence for your prosperity and wellbeing. The issue is politically charged too with far-reaching effects into education, interpretation of history, nationality, and a redefinition of family and individual rights. These elements are ALL important if you want to realize full prosperity and financial wealth in your life.

The financial world is no exception: Average and Actual Rates of Return are confused and promoted along with a myriads of assumptions and sleight of hand reporting practices which lead to outright guessing and fabrication around most financial projections.

Remember to pause and think through information before choosing your position. This isn’t a simple feel-good choice, like which sports team will be your favorite – this is about your wealth, prosperity and the world you want your children and grandchildren to live in.


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