The New 2018 Tax Laws with CPA Jack Cohen

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The New 2018 Tax Laws with CPA Jack Cohen

If you ever get the dreaded “brown envelope” from the IRS, you want someone like Jack Cohen CPA on your side of the table. Jack worked for the IRS for 33 years and now represents people in front of the IRS…you could say he say he saw the light and turned back from the dark side.

Today on Wealth Talks, Jack previews some the topics he’ll be sharing at the Wealth Summit including the new limitation on SALT deductions (State and Local Income Taxes) and the 2018 tax break for business owners.

Don’t miss the crazy story about the IRS reporting one of Jack’s clients to the local 911 near the end.🤣

Special Offer compliments of McFie Family Insurance: Contact Jack’s office at 702-255-2330 for a no-charge review of your latest tax returns.