The Coronavirus brings on a Black Swan

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The Coronavirus brings on a Black Swan

The market has plunged rapidly in a black swan event. This is where typical financial planning fails.

Typical financial planning tells you just to keep your money in the market, and let the market come back up. But many times, the best deals are to be found in times like these. If your money is all tied up, you are going to miss out.

Traditional financial planning starts out by purchasing Whole Life Insurance, which is not tied to the market. When the market is in a time like this, your money is easily accessible to use for any opportunities that may arise.

Sadly, many people who are losing money because of typical financial planning, think it’s too late to start planning traditionally. Here is the good news: It’s not!

When it comes to Whole Life Insurance, there are many “interesting” products and designs. There is an art and a science to designing Whole Life Insurance, not every life insurance agent can design a good policy. We design the best whole life insurance, customized to meet your needs.

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