Orwellian Predictions and The Cost of Conviction

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Orwellian Predictions and The Cost of Conviction

Krish Dhanam joins the show today!

Are some of George Orwell’s famous predictions coming true?

  • Ignorance is Strength
  • Freedom is Slavery
  • War is Peace

Foundations matter – and no less in the times we are living today. When you draw a line there is always a price to pay, but history shows that people who draw the line and stand by their values are the ones who later rise to heights of prominence.

Krish also shares lessons from the Bible about convictions… and the cost which these convictions can carry.

Developing the Mental Agility, the Physical Presence and the Spiritual Character you need to weather the social and economical storms of the 21st century has never been more paramount.

Excellent and important material.

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