New Health Insurance Options for 2020

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New Health Insurance Options for 2020

🗓 Open Enrollment for Health Insurance starts Friday November 1st running through December 15th 2019. Special guest Jack Hooper from Take Command Health shares 2 new HRAs available for businesses in 2020 – ICHRA and EBHRA in addition to QSEHRA from 2017.

Acronym Definitions:
ICHRA = Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement
EBHRA = Excepted Benefits Health Reimbursement Arrangement
QSEHRA = Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement

These HRAs can add more options and flexibility for employers and employees searching for the best health coverage and benefits.

Business Owners in any of the 50 states can choose from a couple of types of HRAs to eliminate the hassles of trying to choose the best group health plan and deal with premium increases.  You can also outsource the on-boarding, compliance and reporting to make an HRA the obvious simple solution for your business health benefits program.

Shopping for individual coverage? Use the Take Command Health system to find the best health insurance options across 14 states. (TX, CA, FL, GA, TN, NC, PA, NJ, OH, MI, WI, AZ, CO, IN)

And if you’re an employee who’s not entirely happy with your employer offered group health plan, you may want to take this information to your employer and encourage them to implement an HRA that could give you better options in 2020.

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