Money and Politics meet again

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Money and Politics meet again

Governments and central banks are taking the low road. They are attempting to artificially stimulate the economy by implementing negative interest rates.  John says it will work probably work short-term Tom says it could cause people to hoard tangible assets like gold, silver, antique automobiles and art.

What is it that really stimulates an economy long-term and causes wealth to be created?

Why do you think most business regulations are put in place?

A. To protect small business from getting overrun by big business
B. To make it hard for small business to compete with big business

Now picture yourself approaching retirement… what would you do if interest rates went negative on all of your retirement savings, and instead of earning interest on your money, you had to start paying just to keep the money you’d saved?

All this and more on episode 246 of Wealth Talks. Listen Now.