How to Manage the Money in Your Marriage

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How to Manage the Money in Your Marriage

Strife over money is the #1 reason couples bring up as they file for divorce in America. The amount of money involved doesn’t seem to be a significant issue, nor how money is saved or what is purchased, but rather how one spouse (or both) makes the other FEEL about money.

You see, blaming money is an easy way out. Communication around money is often the key problem, and this requires both spouses to take responsibility for at least part of the problem. Good News! A communication problem can likely be resolved so the differences you do have (and will have) about money will seem trivial in the end.

On this show you will hear ideas for communicating with your spouse about money matters. You’ll hear why you should NOT try to “change your spouse” or share everything “equally” and why the His/Her money option is not a good way to cope with a problem.

Even if you’re not married, the material in this show can help you become a better communicator and to get along better with more people.

Do you have a marriage with successful communication around money? Please share your thoughts in the comments below or write in to [email protected]


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