How to “Budget” for Your Prosperity and Wealth

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How to “Budget” for Your Prosperity and Wealth

Many budget strategies give you a good feeling as you start, but cannot produce the sustainable results you need to build real prosperity. As an example take Senator & Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s book which recommends a 50-20-30 budget system.

This budget system reminds you of a typical government budget when you realize that only 50% of your income is allocated to necessities that require 60% of an average American household income. Oops!

Maybe you could fit necessities into 50% of your income, especially if your income is above average, but this is not a great plan for keeping more of the money you make OR building prosperity.

Better start with something you know will be sustainable and a plan to NOT lose the money you save. Try the 10-20-70 system and make sure you “pay yourself first”. This system has been around for a long time. You know it will be sustainable and if you can save more than 10% (or 30%) of your income, all the better.


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