Is Life Insurance a good tool for you to use to Build Wealth?

Is Life Insurance a good tool for you to use to Build Wealth?

Some people love it.😍 Some hate it.😡 Explore the value of life insurance in your financial plans and how to integrate this tool to maximize your results.

The Perpetual Wealth Code™ outlines a system to build a strong foundation for your financial future.💰 Today we review this system and answer relating questions from the 2018 Wealth Summit audience. 🎤

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Questions Answered in this Episode:
▪ Is Life Insurance a Good Tool for Building Wealth?
▪ What type of investments do the McFie’s use their policy loans for?
▪ How many Bank Accounts does it take to do the Perpetual Wealth Code?
▪ Can I borrow from a source to pay my policy/start my policy and then borrow from the policy to pay the loan back? ~ David
▪ What about transferring 401k money to policies?
▪ If someone only has 5-10 years of full-time work productivity left can this insurance concept still work for them and how? ~ Dr. Janis

Coming up next week: Life Insurance Made Easy
Half the battle is knowing what the new terminology means. Tune-in next week and you’ll know more about life insurance than the average life insurance agent! ✅

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