Benefits of Owning Life Insurance in 2020

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Benefits of Owning Life Insurance in 2020

Only 59% of Americans own life insurance and 50% of these people are still under-insured. Why don’t people own more life insurance?

Perhaps it’s because they:

  • Have been told it’s a bad investment?
  • Have heard misunderstandings about life insurance
  • Had an experience with a bad policy (or a bad agent)

Or maybe they think:

  • Group life insurance is enough
  • Life insurance is “just for the next guy”
  • The insurance they would like to have would be too expensiveOr maybe they don’t want to think about it.

    There are many benefits to owning the right kind of life insurance policies in the 2020 economic environment and beyond. Today Tom and John discuss some of these benefits and reveal common mistakes around life insurance.


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