Becoming Wealth-Fit with special guest and client Dustin Mathews

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Becoming Wealth-Fit with special guest and client Dustin Mathews

Special guest Dustin Mathews from WealthFit has seen people MAKE a lot of money in the Speaking & Marketing world, but KEEPING that money is another story – they usually don’t. Yes, there are shooting stars that burn brightly for awhile and they burnout too.

It’s good to ask yourself, from time to time, whether you want to stay on the path you’re traveling or if, like Dustin was, you’re addicted to the search for a BIG payday that never comes. Don’t simply follow a primrose path to the detriment of real wealth in your life. Make sure you create sustainable results for yourself and your family.

Dustin has repurposed his life to make more time for family and the things that really matter. And he hasn’t neglected Money either because money is an important part of Wealth.

Hear how Dustin has used his whole life policy + a lesson he learned that could save you money on your next vehicle purchase.

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