The Next Best Thing

There is nothing like seeing the Amazon Forest, a Broadway performance, an Inauguration, the Super Bowl or any other event live and in person.  The awe, the excitement, the emotion, the wonder, and the venue are never quite the same when you catch such things any other way.

Every year people from all over the world attend the Wealth Summit right here in Las Vegas.

They are part of the 42 million people plus, who come to Las Vegas to attend a live performance, a trade show, a symposium or some other special event because they know there is nothing like being there, live and in person.

Yet people who attend the Wealth Summit, always ask, “Is this being recorded?  Because I want to share this with a friend,” or “I want to watch it again at home.”

Then, of course, there are the countless others who wish they could have been in Las Vegas for the annual Wealth Summit, but for some strange reason their schedule prevented that from happening.  Maybe they had a wedding to attend or someone got sick, or like last year the hurricane prevented their travel.  That is why we have The Next Best Thing: The professionally recorded and edited video of the Wealth Summit!   That way everybody has the opportunity to attend the Wealth Summit.

Granted, The Next Best Thing, is only next to the best.  But having the professionally recorded and edited Wealth Summit is far better than missing out entirely.  For those who did attend the Wealth Summit, the recordings give you the opportunity to review, revisit and reinforce the concepts and principles that you discovered in Las Vegas live and in person.

As Zig Ziglar used to remind us, “Repetition is the mother of learning, and learning is the father of success.”  You can’t listen too many times to something that empowers you to be all that you can be and do all that you can do. And that is why we have the The Next Best Thing, The Wealth Summit video recording, so that you can repeat, revisit and reinforce what you discovered and you can experience the full benefits of The Perpetual Wealth Code™ by becoming more financially successful, secure and self sustaining.

As you know, The Next Best Thing, can never replace being there, live and in person.  But just like sharing the pictures you took of the Amazon Forest or the selfie you took when you were in New York catching Hamilton, or in Houston at the Super Bowl, part of the awe, the excitement, the emotion, the wonder, and the venue are retained and can motivate you by bringing back the memories and the experience.

Obviously we all enjoy bathing or taking a shower; it’s so refreshing, relaxing and invigorating.  But it’s not a permanent experience, and so we all desire to repeat, revisit and reinforce that experience frequently.

Watching the video recording of the Wealth Summit can be inspiring, informative and encouraging.  And just like bathing or taking a shower, being able to repeat, revisit and reinforce that experience frequently will be of great benefit to those who take this opportunity to heart and really implement it.