Money: The Seed of Opportunity or Destruction

As if the c-virus hasn’t been destructive enough to the United States economy, mysterious seeds are now being mass mailed to US mailing addresses directly from China.  Nobody knows what these seeds will sprout and grow into, but one thing is known for sure, the seeds were never ordered by those who have received them in the mail.

Money is like a seed.  It can open up some great opportunities but can also trigger terrible destruction when not managed wisely.  For example, $104 Billion was spent paying the interest on credit card debt in the United States back in 2018. This was 35% more than in 2013 which means poor money management is increasing, not decreasing.  When you realize there are 1000 Millions in one Billion, $104 Billion of interest paid to credit card companies represents a huge transfer of wealth from the lives of those who really need it.

Managing money, which includes good debt management, can be very rewarding.  This is because, unlike the seeds from China where the end result is unknown, wise money management always results in something better while poor management always produces something worse.

Debt is not a dirty four-letter word, which many financial planners, gurus and entertainers would like you to believe it to be.  Yet if debt is not managed wisely it can steal the prosperity you were intended to enjoy.

The first rule of economics is the Law of Scarcity. Scarcity is what determines value in this world.  The less available a certain resource or product is the more valuable it becomes.  This fact encourages everyone to become more resourceful and productive.

When government, the Federal Reserve, credit card companies or even parents make it easy to acquire money, credit, housing, food, clothing, etc., seeds of destruction are sown.  Before long such policy creates an entitlement mentality which is counterproductive to fulfillment and happiness by making believe abundance can be attained by begging, stealing and killing others. (Listen to our recent podcast discussing the Federal Reserve with special guest Dr. Paul Cleveland a professor of economics)

But scarcity is real in this life.  Try as we might nobody can create one atom of gold or any other naturally occurring element on the periodic table let alone peace, happiness or longevity.  Life and everything else which we find in this closed system in which we live is limited.  Only through diligent work, mutual respect for others, education and faith is scarcity overcome and life can be lived to its fullest.

As money and debt management is merely an extension of oneself, how you manage your money and debt helps determine your level of fulfillment in life.  Interestingly, this doesn’t mean you have to have millions of dollars in order to find fulfillment but it does imply that the way you have managed what you’ve been provided will determine your fulfillment.

Some seeds produce nothing, some produce hundreds, other thousands. Management determines the harvest. If you water sparingly, cultivate infrequently and fertilize minutely you can’t expect a huge harvest.  If you don’t prepare the ground before you plant, never cultivate to control the weeds and never water or fertilize, your crop might be more weeds than gratifying fruit.

The same is true in regards to money and debt management.  Without proper preparation, care and cultivation your financial harvest will be sparse compared to those who have put in the labor required to reap a rewarding harvest.

What kind of money and debt manager are you?  Do you:

  • Carry revolving debt?
  • Pay high interest rates?
  • Expect others to provide your housing, food, clothing, money, credit etc.?

If you do, then your happiness and fulfillment in life will be shallow and empty compared to those who diligently work, have mutual respect for others, acquire necessary education and exercise their faith.  This is because Progressive Socialism is a deceitful lie formulated in the depths of Hell for the purpose of destroying human life.

If you want to protect yourself from the consequences of this deep rooted evil, give us a call. We can help you avoid the deception, evade the lie and experience a fulfilling life enjoying the fruits of your own labor.

Dr. Tomas McFieDr. Tomas P. McFie

Most Americans depend on Social Security for retirement income. Even when people think they’re saving money, taxes, fees, investment losses and market volatility take most of their money away. Tom McFie is the founder of McFie Insurance which helps people keep more of the money they make, so they can have financial peace of mind. His latest book, A Biblical Guide to Personal Finance, can be purchased here.