Never dieted? Don’t Read!

According to Dr. Sally Norton, a weight loss surgeon, “Every single person who comes to discuss weight management is totally perplexed by the advice out there.”[i]

“Two thirds of the nation is obese despite our obsession with dieting, and type 2 diabetes, which is strongly associated with obesity, is sky-rocketing.”[ii]

Things that they taught us in Chiropractic school 30 plus years ago about nutrition, a balanced diet, exercise, sleep and emotional health are now being proven to be the very BEST way to control and maintain your ideal body weight and health.  And diet drinks, low fat-foods and high protein or high simple carbohydrate diets are being laid to rest as being a bunch of bunk better known as “False Evidence Appearing Real”, or FEAR tactics that create huge profits for those who perpetuate them.

You’d be amazed to know that not 50 years ago Participating Whole Life Insurance was one of the better known ways to control and maintain your ideal financial well being and wealth.

But then along came the FEAR mongers of the 70’s, the financial advisors of the 80’s, and pie-in-the-sky money managing speculators of the 90’s, and Participating Whole Life Insurance got a black eye from all the “False Evidence Appearing Real” that was being flung around.

With the bubble popping in the first year of this century, the Real Estate bubble bursting in 2007, followed by the Great Recession of 2008, people once again began to realize that what their grandparents used to save and store their financial assets in was the very BEST.

And so today you’ll find that just like the diets that you hopefully never took part of, and the “fat-free” foods that actually make you gain more weight, Participating Whole Life Insurance still remains the very BEST place to park, protect and secure your financial well-being and wealth.

The problem is that most people still don’t understand Participating Whole Life Insurance.  But that’s okay.  You don’t have to understand why eating nutritiously, exercising, sleep and emotional health are related to your ability to control and maintain your ideal body weight. AND you don’t have to understand all about Participating Whole Life Insurance to benefit from the wealth, protection and security it will provide for you.  But you DO need to hear the TRUTH instead of a bunch of bunk.

That’s why you can’t afford to miss out on the April 24-26th Wealth Summit in San Diego.

See you April 24-26 in sunny San Diego!


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