5 Things That Are Essential to Your Prosperity

Which Social Progressives Want to Abolish

Your prosperity has more to do with:

  1. Truth
  2. History
  3. Nationality
  4. Family and
  5. You, than anything else.


Truth has become mystical in our post-modern world.  Your truth/my truth has become an existentially accepted norm today.  But until you accept that an absolute or eternal truth exists, your prosperity will suffer.  2 + 2 always = 4, regardless of whose existential view you are using.  And if your truth says 2 + 2 = something besides four, then you will suffer the consequences.

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When average rates of return are substituted in marketing for real rates of return, you have a prime example of an existential truth being used to displace an eternal truth.  Average return is simply the sum of values in a set (or time period) divided by the number of sets (or time periods).  Actual (or real) rates of return are the nominal return expressed in real terms, or the return actually realized.  Big difference!

Truth matters.  And without knowing the truth you will be at a disadvantage in building and sustaining prosperity.


History is important.  Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. And yet, history has been said to be reported by the victors of the past.  That is why it is important to comprehend the facts of history not just someone’s predetermined interpretation of history.

For example, it is a common historical fact that the S & P 500 has returned 7.791% from July 1970 to July 2019. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who was invested in the S & P 500 from July 1970 to July 2019, experienced a 7.791% return on investment.  Fact is, if you had been invested in the S & P 500 since July, 1968 to July, 2019 your return would have only been 6.883%, even though you were invested in the S & P 500 between July 1970 and July 2019.

And that is why history is so important. You can’t just take a quick snap shot of history and apply it to your situation.  You have to keep your vision wide when looking at history.  Otherwise, you may be fooled into believing that your small snap shot of history provides you with a broad enough view for tomorrow.

Yes, history if not studied, can be repeated. But that doesn’t mean that history will repeat itself favorably for YOU, simply because you studied a specific portion of it.  History is only relevant to your prosperity when you have acquired a very broad and extensive understanding of it and applied what you’ve learned accordingly.


Never underestimate your nationality when it comes to your prosperity.  America has the most financially prosperous population of the world.

For example, if you earn $32,400 a year, you are in the world’s top 1% of wage earners. Even so, to be in the top 1% as far as net worth is concerned, you have to be worth $770,000.

That being said, the average American is worth $430,974. But remember, averages are not actual reflections of what is true. So, looking at the median value of wealth (the number where 50% of people have more and 50% have less than this number), we isolate the net worth as $61,667. And $61,667 of net worth is significantly higher than most other countries in the world.

The “top 1%” might sound extremely exclusive to some.  But millions of Americans have joined that “top 1%” merely because they won the lottery when they were born in the United States.  Nationality holds significance.


This is a no brainer.  The family that you belong to is very pertinent to your ability to prosper.  But it is important to realize that it isn’t the only factor for your prosperity.  Naturally, if you belong to the Hilton Family or the Trump Family, or a host of other prosperous families, then your chances of remaining prosperous is significantly greater than some.  But fortunately, America wasn’t built upon an Aristocratic system and that means that being born in a poor family can become a motivation for you to become more prosperous. And in America, you are given the opportunity to make that possibility become a reality.  In other countries your family heritage might deter you.  Family can provide clout or incentive. Family is essential.


Individuality is perhaps the biggest factor that determines your prosperity.  Regardless of all the other essentials, this one is the crown jewel in that you alone control and direct who you are and what you want to become.  There are untold examples of children who come from the same family, same nationality, same historical knowledge, same beliefs and yet they are of entirely different prosperity levels.

That is because you, and you alone, are the one in control of what you do, what you believe and how prosperous you want to become.  Foreign nationals coming to America have proven time and time again that prosperity is what you determine to make of yourself and what you have been given.  You can move up, down, sideways or not at all.  But it is you that makes that determination, not anybody else.

So, here’s the issue.  Karl Marx hated all 5 of these essentials.[i]  He saw that each one of them kept his ideal dream of a Social Democracy from becoming a reality.  Furthermore, his adherents since then, be they Communists, Socialistic Fascists or Social Democracies have attempted to destroy or distort the truth. They have tried to rewrite history, seek universal or one world government, tear apart the family and strip the individuals of their inalienable rights, all in an endeavor to give power and control to the state.

Today as you follow the news and politicians, ask yourself:

  1. Does this politician or policy support or distort eternal truth?
  2. Does this politician or policy align with known historical fact(s)?
  3. Does this politician or policy strengthen or weaken our Nation or your Nationality?
  4. Does this politician or policy create stronger families for America?
  5. Does this politician or policy honor your inalienable individual rights?

If any politician or policy doesn’t cut the mustard, then you know they are really a Marxist, not a friend of a Democratic Republic, which America is.  Once that is understood, you can know for sure that your prosperity is in jeopardy.

These 5 essentials are nothing to fool around with.  There is absolute truth, history does matter, nationality is significant, your family roots are important and you do have inalienable rights that should never be invalidated.  If you think otherwise, you can count on joining the less prosperous populations of the world soon.

As “The Shining City Upon a Hill” that John Winthrop visualized America to become, we must guard with all due diligence in order prevent our Democratic Republic from being replaced with Democratic Socialism.   If we fail, your prosperity, and all America’s prosperity, will be jeopardized, just as it has been in all countries where Marxist ideas have been fully implemented.


[i] https://fee.org/articles/5-things-marx-wanted-to-abolish-besides-private-property/