Your Retirement Plan Is Getting Shoved Around again, but here is How You Can Prevent It

The Federal Reserve is at it again.  Raising interest rates, as if they have some crystal ball that tells them what only God could know, what is a fair and authentic interest rate.

Here’s the crux of the matter.  The U.S. monetary system depends on deposits, loans, and interest to fuel it.  If the Fed continues to raise rates as they have proposed, which is another 3.5% by 2020, that means they could once again become the responsible party for creating another recession.

Interestingly, the last recession in 2008, was triggered by the Federal Reserve.  Ben Bernanke, Fed Chairman at the time, made a public apology for causing that recession.  But a mere apology won’t keep the Fed from triggering another recession because recessions always transfer wealth from you to the Federal Reserve.  Typically, this is at the expense of your retirement and any other savings you might have accumulated.

Other things you must consider, besides the planned rate hike, however, is the lackluster of home sales (now at a two year low,) slow rate of auto sales and the underperformance of the bond markets.  All of these things smack loudly of another recession on the horizon.  It is no longer a matter of IF, it is only a matter of WHEN.

You obviously can’t control what the Fed does, nor can you make a dent in the lackluster sale of homes or automobiles. As to the bond markets, good luck. At first appearances, it seems that any savings you have built for your retirement must continue to get shoved and battered around, reducing your chances of being able to retire with the lifestyle with which you’ve become accustomed to living.  Perhaps even your biggest fear, the fear of running out of money in retirement, could end up a reality, if you don’t do something today to prevent all this meddling from draining your resources dry.

The truth be known, it is not good enough today to build wealth or adequate retirement savings unless you also have the ability to protect what you build.  Fortunately, there is a respected and time proven way to eliminate the worries about your retirement savings getting shoved and battered around at the whims and pleasures of the Federal Reserve or anybody else that takes aim at them.

Using Participating Whole Life Insurance (PWLI) has been something that thousands of Americans have and continue to use because it keeps recessions, markets, interest rates and other vultures away from your hard- earned savings.  Though mocked by those who don’t understand it (or those who stand to make a profit by encouraging you to assume risks with your hard earn savings), PWLI has been and remains the sweetheart of the IRS code. And for those who want to safeguard their assets for today and the future, nothing compares to PWLI as a financial tool that protects your savings while allowing you to take advantage of opportunities and investments that come your way.

When the time comes for your retirement, everything you’ve ever put into a PWLI is available for you to withdraw without federal taxation!  What is left can be borrowed without any taxation and your earned dividends from the policy can help offset the interest the insurance company charges for those loans.

If you have concerns, as do most savvy savers, concerning the next recession and how it might shove your savings and retirement plans around, call us to see if you qualify for PWLI to protect and grow your retirement with guarantees instead of worries and fears.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.