Your Hidden Power

It has been said that, “Every man builds his world in his own image because he has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice.”[i]

Making right choices is the most powerful thing that you can possibly do in this life. And that brings up the fact that there are just two kinds of power that you can wield.  The first is gained by fear, the second through thoughtful acts of admiration, love and mutuality.

“Power based on love and mutuality is a thousand times more effective and permanent than the one derived from fear.”[ii]

The Latin word for discipline means, “to gain knowledge” while the French word for discipline means “punishment.”  Here in this one English word, “discipline,” are two kinds of power that you can wield.  And you cultivate one or the other by the choices you make.

Manipulating people with strong fear tactics like scarcity, horror and punishment will definitely allow you to exert power over others.  But such power will gain you very little respect.  Such power is limited and always subject to insurgence or rebellion.

Bruce Lee, the master martial arts artist knew this well when he said, “Knowledge will give you power, but character will give you respect.” Just ask any parent to confirm this fact.

Respect, as used by Lee in this statement, is an earned power given to you willingly based on relationship not fear.  This kind of power is derived from admiration, love or some form of mutuality and is the kind of power that the Iron Lady referred to when she said, “Power is like being a lady…if you have to tell people you are, your aren’t.”[iii]

So why is power so indispensible?  Well, as Eric Hoffer said, “The only way to predict the future is to have power to shape the future.”  And because your circumstances are always beyond your human control, but “Your conduct is always in your own power”[iv] it is necessary for you to exert the power you have gained so that you can control and determine your future.

And that brings us full circle because you have no power to escape the necessity to choose your conduct.  You either choose your conduct based on admiration, love or mutuality or you will choose a more aggressive, domineering or authoritarian path.

Money management is a form of power.  This power too often is transferred to somebody else based on some fear tactic that has been used to keep you from wielding the power that you can and rightfully should exert over your own money.  In submitting to these fear tactics used by powerful individuals and institutions, you give up over 80% of the power you should wield over your own money.[v]  “This is the most common way people give up their power…by thinking they don’t have any.”[vi]

The truth is power.  And the truth always triumphs.  Those who are exposed to the truth, accept it as the truth and act upon that truth always find freedom.

One truth that has stood the test of hundreds of years is the power of mutually owned life insurance companies and those who participate in owning them. Anyone who is exposed to this truth, accepts it as the truth and acts upon this truth frees themselves from the clutches of the money managers who have dominated the world using fear tactics and in the process pocketed 80% of the power that belongs to the people they dominate.

You have the opportunity to free yourself from the clutches of the money managers of the world, gain back the power that has been taken from you and determine your future.  But it will take knowledge, admiration, love, respect and mutuality.

That is where McFie Insuranceexcels. We consistently receive the highest marks for our knowledge and service both in internal and external reviews.  We’re happy to keep sharing and serving even when others are either unwilling or are unable to share and serve because we admire what the truth can accomplish.

Our service and sharing are based on our love and respect for those who are seeking the truth because we admire the truth so much and see it as the only solution to the future.  This breeds a mutuality that continues to grow, not only amongst our prospects and clients, but amongst the mutual companies that we represent as well as the agents that continue to join our team of remarkable mentors here at McFie Insurance.

We are simply honored to serve you, your family and your friends and look forward to a transformed and brighter future for everybody involved in this mutuality.

If you aren’t part of this growing movement but would like to gain knowledge about it click here now: and then give us a call.  There is never a charge to talk with one of our wealth mentors and agents.

[i] Ayn Rand

[ii] Mohatma Gandhi

[iii] Margaret Thathcher

[iv] Benjamin Disraeli

[v] CNBC, Jack Bogle’s Advice for a Rocky Market February 3, 2014

[vi] Alice Walker