Your Financial Security and Sustainability Depend Upon This!

Things can get spooky in life…and not just on Halloween.

Both Michele and I were raised in Oregon.  Five of our children were born in Oregon. We have extended family that live in Oregon.  So, why did we choose to leave Oregon and move to Nevada?

Oregon has become the second most expensive state in the Union to live in[i]  (only Hawaii is more expense when you compare the cost of living to the median income levels in the state),[ii]  but there were other reasons.  And the main reason was, values.

As you know, McFie Insuranceis all about helping you keep more of the money you make as well as helping you build secure, sustainable wealth for your future.  A large part of that formula is the freedom to express your values.  Nelson Mandela realized this when he wrote that “Money isn’t wealth, it is the freedom to make money.”  And, the freedom to keep the money you make is an essential part of your sustainable wealth formula.

Nevada is known for a lot of things that don’t necessarily reflect our values, but mandatory participation in those things is not a law. Oregon, on the other hand has adopted some laws and mandatory regulations that all of its citizens must comply with. As these laws and regulations happen to oppose our values it was time to move because we realize that “Wealth is the realization of our values.”[iii] We all need to be allowed to express our values freely and openly without fear of punishment or retribution.

Some have questioned how difficult it must have been to leave our home in Oregon and move to a place we had never experienced before.  But the answer to that is quite simple.  It wasn’t hard at all.  That is because when you believe something is true and take action on what you believe to be true, your life begins to experience an abundance that was there all the time for you to enjoy but was merely unavailable to you because of your inaction.

This concept is true across the board.  Many times, we talk and share with others about the abundance that is available for them if they will take action and purchase participating whole life insurance (PWLI).  Some heed our advice, step up to the plate and take action, others don’t, and others even mock us for sharing this truth.

Recently, someone called our office who we hadn’t heard from for over seven years.  They were wondering what they could do to change their situation in life as things had not turned out the way they had expected.  Unfortunately, things had not turned out the way their financial planner had told them they would either!  Because this person had valued the philosophy scarcity, that “you win only when someone else loses” they didn’t take action and purchase PWLI seven years ago when they could have locked into some guaranteed returns.  Today they have discovered the hard way that guarantees in a PWLI are a better way to secure and sustain your financial future than all the risk you have to assume when you believe that someone else’s loss can become your gain.

Our move from Oregon was our way of providing certain guarantees for our life and our children’s lives. The guarantee from the state of Nevada, that we can freely act upon our values without being intimidated, taxed or punished by the state is very freeing for us and everybody that lives in this state.  PWLI is our way of providing specific guarantees in our life, our children’s lives, and our grandchildren’s lives. It allows us to freely access, use, and grow our money without being second guessed, taxed, or penalized by the money managers, government, or financial planners.

What are your values, and how are you freely being allowed to express them?  Do you have restricted use of your money stored in your 401K, IRA, Roth, or 403(b) plan?  What constraints have been placed on your ability to leverage the money you have stored in bonds, mutual funds, equities, and/or real estate?  Have you limited yourself (perhaps unknowingly,) to the access of your own money? Your freedom to use and manage your own money could be curtailing your ability to secure and sustain your financial future.

In America you are not required to stay in the place you grew up, live in, or moved to.  Instead, you have the freedom to change your position. The same is true about building secure and sustainable wealth.

There are a lot of fees, laws, regulations and taxes out there that can drastically alter your future security when you don’t lock into the guarantees that PWLI alone can provide you with today.  Don’t live your life hoping to avoid these things. And never believe that someone else’s loss will become your gain, that is a lie!

The world is full of abundance, sometimes you just need to reposition yourself. Joining together mutually with others in the purchase of PWLI provides you unlimited opportunity to participate in the profits that this mutuality provides while you build the security and sustainability that you need.

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