When “Stuff” Happens

Life is funny.  You can plan and plan for certain things to happen and the probability of things happening just like you planned for is near zero.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan because without planning chaos would ensue.  But what it does mean is flexibility is important. Without flexibility life can become a disappointment because stuff happens.

When stuff happens you can make something better or something worse from it.  What you make of the stuff that happens in your life depends upon your choices.  Choice is something that we all have the ability to make.  And the choices you make will alter the outcome of the stuff that happens in your life.

Think of the two girls that grow up with abusive parents.  The one becomes abusive herself while the other one becomes a loving mother.  Or the boys who grow up in filth and squalor; the one becomes a lifetime inmate in prison, the other a leading surgeon.  We could put names on these girls and boys but there are so many examples of this, why bother.  We all know somebody who fits the pattern.

When stuff happens to us financially we have choices too!  You don’t have to become a victim of other people’s choices.  You can be flexible.  The Perpetual Wealth Code™ allows you to be flexible so that you can Win Your Financial GAME regardless of what life throws at you.

There are many systems and methods out there that lead you to believe that if you just purchase a participating whole life insurance policy (PWLI) and stuff as much money into it as possible that everything will be great for you in life regardless of what stuff happens.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Others teach that you should ALWAYS borrow from your PWLI to finance everything you purchase. This teaching is very simplistic as well as misleading because to Win Your Financial GAME you have to be a participant in life not just someone who follows a ONE SIZE FITS ALL game plan.

Finally, there are those who advocate that by purchasing PWLI and financing all your purchases through your policies that you will be able to destroy the Banking System, as we know it today.  This is most pathetic as many of the insurance companies that sell PWLI have presidents or CEOs who sit on the Federal Reserve Board.

On the upside The Perpetual Wealth Code™ doesn’t depend on PWLI to function or even work.  Simply stuffing money into anything, bonds, 401(k)s IRAs, Roths, Margin Accounts, Real Estate and even Insurance Policies isn’t going to protect you from the stuff that is going to happen to you in life.

Banking has been around since the beginning of human interaction and will always be with us.  In fact, the Federal Reserve System is part of the stuff that life throws at us which can help us become winners if we are flexible enough to exercise our options.  That is where The Perpetual Wealth Code™ shines because The Perpetual Wealth Code™ provides you with the flexibility to have the option and opportunity to manage your own money and finances.  EVEN when stuff happens!

At McFie Insurance, we understand stuff happens.  Further, we understand that stuff can be the opportunity for you to grow, or stuff can be the excuse that keeps you from growing.  The Perpetual Wealth Code™ provides you with the flexibility to own the option to make the right choices so you can continue to grow.

The Perpetual Wealth Code™ is ancient wisdom put into modern day common sense application.  No politics, no secret societies, no cult movement, no get rich quick schemes just good solid principles that have historically and continually make those who practice them grow wealthier year after year after year.

Aesop had it right when he recorded the story about the Tortoise and the Hare.  Slow and steady wins the race…or the GAME.

If you’re ready to stop reacting to stuff and willing to make knowledgeable choices about how you can respond to stuff and Win Your Financial GAME, click here now.  Join the thousands of others around the country and around the world that have already discovered their options, which The Perpetual Wealth Code™ provides them and are Winning Their Financial GAME.