“What Difference Does It Make…Really?”

These condescending words have now become infamous.  And the person who spoke these words while under oath before the United States epitomizes the supercilious, snobby, superior attitude that has become so prevalent in our society.

Never-the-less, condescension devastates relationships.  Whether said relationship is between a husband and wife, employee and employer, parent and child, client and service rep, or politician and the public, condescension destroys respect, trust and affection.   And these three things are what relationships are built on. In fact, it has been shown that physical abuse, anger and indifference are less destructive than condescension.  And that speaks volumes.

Regardless of this, condescension is used time and time again in attempts to intimidate or to make one look superior, more knowledgeable, or more skilled than another.  And, as insane as it sounds, it is effective up to a certain point, otherwise the human race would have eliminated this behavior a long time ago.  But here is the critical mass of that last statement, “up to a certain point.”  After that “certain point” condescension fails and fails miserably.

As an example, a few years back we were exploring the possibility of retaining a marketing firm.  In making our final decision we allowed this firm to make a test call to one of our prospects.  Fortunately, within 30 seconds that “certain point” was made evident to us. This marketer began to use condescending language and innuendo, trying his very hardest to sway the prospect into taking action. It was bad, so bad that we ended up calling the prospect back, apologizing and sending them a special gift because condescension NEVER builds, establishes or sustains any relationship because it does make a difference… really!

There are two things that make a relationship work:  1) Affordability and, 2) Comfortability.

If you can’t afford the time, effort, energy, attention or money necessary to make a relationship happen it can’t happen.  On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with the time, effort, energy, attention or money necessary to make a relationship happen, it won’t happen.

Can’t and won’t.  That is what is boils down to.  Either you can and will, or you can’t and won’t.  Obviously, not all things are affordable, but if they are, they also have to be comfortable, regardless of whether you’re talking about a relationship, a new car, a vacation house, a gift of charity, or even a life insurance product.  As you know, you are the one in the driver’s seat of your life and so it is only you who can determine what is comfortable for you.

Being in relationship(s) is vital to living.  That is why we at McFie Insuranceare so proud to be in a participating relationship with profitable insurance companies.  And you can be too.  By owning participating whole life insurance, you belong.  That means you have joined into a mutual relationship, along with thousands of others, and participate in the ownership rites of receiving the profits of the insurance company(s).  That is how you can earn a dividend every year.  The great news is, that these type of life insurance policies can be devised to be very affordable for you and your family to own.

That being said, anybody can define what is affordable.  It only takes a moment with the proper mathematical formula, once you share what your income is.  But here is the most significant consideration…  only you can conclude what is comfortable.  And if it isn’t comfortable, the relationship won’t happen, guaranteed!

Justifiably, if you’ve been condescended to, you WILL be uncomfortable.  And that means you need to find someone whom you can so you can have a profitable relationship.  So if you, or someone you know, are in an uncomfortable relationship, believe you’ve received the short end of stick, or have become disenchanted with the fact that:

  • Your calls or emails are not being returned
  • You’ve been made to feel stupid or ignorant
  • You would like to have your questions answered instead of being blown innuendo and smoke
  • You feel you are not receiving the respect you deserve

Realize that you’ve come under the subjection of condensation.  And that is devastating for you and your future.   You must take a quick and thorough inventory.  Have you been condescending to others?  If so, make it right, immediately.  But if you are getting the short end of the stick and are the recipient of condensation, don’t feel for a moment that you have to put up with it and stay in that kind of relationship.  Work and build relationships only with people that respect, trust and return your affections.

It really does make a difference regardless of what some infamous politician has sworn under oath to the US Congress.