Wealth Generation

Many believe the only way to generate wealth is for someone else to have lost their wealth. This misunderstanding is based on the theory surrounding the “Law of Scarcity.”   The Law of Scarcity states that there is a limited quantity of certain things like gold, silver, diamonds and precious metals in our universe.  Some people misinterpret this law and advocate that because of this fact there is a limited amount of wealth in the universe.

Obviously, this gross misunderstanding of the Law of Scarcity creates a poverty mindset which blocks the ability to reason through the fact that for every universal law known to man, there is an equal and opposite law that overcomes the consequences of that law.  For example, the Law of Gravity is overcome by the Law of Lift.  The Law of Entropy is overcome by the Law of Creation and/or Evolution depending on your belief system.  The same is true of the Law of Scarcity.  It is overcome by the Law of Abundance.  And when the Law of Lift is no longer being applied the Law of Gravity takes over, so too when the Law of Abundance is not applied the Law of Scarcity rules.

“Wele”, the middle English word that connects the dots for us when it comes to understanding the connection between abundance and scarcity, means: Abundance, health, happiness, wealth and well-being.  As such, it describes the polar opposite attraction between scarcity and abundance.  In essence the two are the opposite sides of the same coin.

Therefore, when you embrace health, wealth, happiness and abundance you naturally overcome scarcity much like an airplane overcomes gravity by embracing the law of lift.

Abundance, or wealth generation, can take various shapes in your life.  Everyone knows that you can overcome the scarcity of health by living a life that is abundantly filled with good deeds, good foods, good rest, good exercise and good thoughts.  Doing so, generates a state of well-being that naturally overcomes the alternative of being sick. And well-being can be overcome by selfishness, consuming junk food, never resting or exercising and constantly entertaining evil, wicked or vindictive thoughts.

Abundance applies to your finances as well. Yes, there is a scarcity of money and money equivalents in life.  But without that scarcity money and money equivalents would have no value. Obviously, if money and money equivalents became too abundant, they would lose some or all of their value.  (That is what inflation is, an abundance of money which makes the price of goods and services rise.)  But, focusing on how limited or scarce money or money equivalents are, will never empower you to generate more wealth.  That’s as ludicrous as believing that being selfish, eating junk food, lack of rest and exercise, and bad thoughts will generate better health.  Dwelling on the scarcity of money and money equivalents is believing that someone else must lose what they have in order for you to gain what you want.  That is not overcoming scarcity. It is  merely stealing or redistributing somebody else’s wealth.

In order to overcome scarcity, you have to provide something of greater value towards someone for a fair exchange to occur.  Only when a fair exchange occurs has the Law of Abundance overcome the Law of Scarcity.   Applying the Law of Abundance affords you the opportunity to recover money you have to spent so you can reapply it and use it again to build, own or control another valuable asset(s).

Nowhere is the Law of Scarcity more obvious than in the stock market and the casino, where speculators and gamers believe that another person’s loss can be turned into their profit.  But profits are deceiving and can be manipulated: So much so that Free Cash Flow has become more essential than profits for many large corporations and financially savvy individuals.  Free cash flow is money that can be used and recovered to be used again without undue taxation.  Therefore, free cash flow allows you to generate more wealth.

Free cash flow is the unavoidable, but wonderful consequence of owning participating whole life insurance.  Engineering each policy from the very onset to maximize this unavoidable consequence is in your best interest, if your well-being is important to you.  Doing so will allow you to generate more wealth by overcoming the Law of Scarcity.