Troubles That Come

“Count it a privilege then for troubles that come because you know that your Father In Heaven will provide the solution for them.”[i]

We are by nature mortals who attempt to shun difficult things and challenging times forgetting that “Whatever we ask will be given to us.” [ii] We tend to want others to take care of us and shoulder the responsibility of making sure we are safe, secure and satisfied.  And that is why others who are looking for fame, fortune and adventure can so easily control the most of the world.

No, I am not just talking about politicians, the media or corrupt public figureheads that revel and gloat in tyrannizing the masses with their rhetoric, pomp and power.  The fundamental weakness of human beings is to want to be coddled, taken care of, and free of responsibility.  But his weakness also allows just about anybody to take control of you and your future unless you decide differently.

The key word here is differently.  Different than what everybody else is doing.  Maybe different than what your parents or grandparents did.  And almost always different than what Joe Blow says to do on TV, Facebook, Twitter or even in person.  But what isn’t so different is disciplining yourself to do what others who have practiced and perfected before you—the art of being responsible, accountable and successful—because allowing others to control you so that you can accuse or vindicate your poor decisions is no way to build contentment in your life.   In fact, contentment is virtually the opposite of being satisfied.

You become satisfied when you can no longer dream of any other possible thing that you can accomplish or desire to do.  Whereas contentment is being happy about where you are and always dreaming of the next thing you can do, achieve, build or develop.  Huge difference.

And so when “Troubles That Come” do occur, those who are naïve, seeking mere satisfaction seldom realize that an opportunity has arisen for them to excel.  And so they go screaming and shouting to their “leaders” expecting them to find the solution to their problem(s).  The “leaders” of such people love these problems because they exploit them as a means to moderate the liberty naturally endowed on all humans.  Plus it feeds their own egos with the mistaken idea that safety, security and satisfaction are more valuable than contentment along with never-ending perseverance.  It is in this way that the “leaders” continue to exploit the masses and even permit the unfulfilled, unhappy and discontent people of this life to wreak havoc on others.

In contrast those who take responsibility over their life, who realize that when difficult and challenging things happen that they have the ability to create something far better and beneficial from these circumstances that will create real solutions and add value to the lives of others, they unassumingly pull on their gloves, boots and hard hat, wade out into the middle of the problem(s) and fix it.

The drawback comes when satisfied people complain to their “leaders,” and unfulfilled, unhappy and discontent people lash out in violent attacks either verbally or physically, blaming content people for taking advantage of circumstances.  Because everyone obviously can see that the content people in this life have many more desirables (happiness, pleasure and riches) than those who are merely satisfied.

Of course, “leaders” and the unfulfilled, unhappy and discontent people can’t allow such unfairness to continue.  It isn’t long before what the content have provided through their resourcefulness becomes their own craving. After all,  how can the satisfied remain satisfied as long as contented people have more than they do? That defies the very nature of being satisfied and so the satisfied in life become the unfulfilled, unhappy and discontent people that disrupt society and steal, meme, and kill those who have what they want.

So “leaders”, unfulfilled, unhappy and discontent people organize together or act individually, to regulate, take away, steal, injure or kill those who are content because they believe the content must have taken advantage of others by accomplishing and acquiring more of life’s resources.  And even though this defies the fact that the content has made everybody’s life better by fixing glitches and creating solutions to problems in life those that are merely looking for satisfaction in life demand that it be done in the name of fairness.  But the outcome is deterioration.  Deterioration of safety, security and satisfaction, the very thing that most people equate with happiness, fulfilment and liberty but in reality leads only to disappointment, disillusions and discontentment, the very seeds of tyranny, poverty and wretchedness.

It is only when those who are content with; where, who and why they are alive are at liberty to advance, create, and deploy their creative solutions to The Troubles That Come, that “Liberty and Justice for All” will prevail.  Today is the day that you can make a difference.  Today you don’t have to be a genius to see the “Troubles That Come.”  They are here and they are very real.  What are you going to do to fix those problems?  Don’t be fooled into believing that you can regulate, confiscate or kill, or you too will end up with less “Liberty and Justice for All.”  And that would be a tragedy upon a tragedy.

Mutual participating whole life insurance is one of the finest tools of contentment that has ever been created.  It provides you with the ability and the liberty to act “When Troubles Come.”  No other tool is available to you that can work as hard for you and benefit as many people “When Troubles Come.”  But the cool thing is you don’t have to wait for “When Troubles Come.”  In fact, waiting can mean you are in danger of being satisfied.  And satisfaction never provides the contentment that is necessary in life.

[i] James 1:2

[ii] Matthew 21:22