The Life Benefits Formula

How to Build Sustainable Wealth

Personal property is a key to capitalism and freedom.  Without protection of your personal property the world would become an unsafe place to live with “each man for himself”.  Without the right to protect your personal property it wouldn’t take long for us to be back in the stone age pillaging and plundering anything and everything just for survival.

Of course, personal property is more than just your material possessions in this life.  Personal property includes your intellectual property, i.e., your unique ideas and inventions which you have and will continue to develop.

Obviously, protection of your personal property is paramount if upward mobility of the human race on this planet is to continue. This is what has made the American experiment unique to other societies throughout history.  In the USA we uphold the God-given right that everyone is able to pursue “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” but NOT at the expense of someone else’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Unfortunately, there are those who will always pillage and plunder in their attempts to gain the upper hand. Their success is not sustainable however, as true wealth can only be attained through hard work, mutual respect, education and faith.

In light of this fact we at McFie Insurance have developed the Life Benefits Formula™, which states that hard work + mutual respect + education, all multiplied by your faith can produce the sustainable wealth that you (and all humans everywhere) are desirous of having.  Yet, due to disastrous developments, the financial industry has led many astray by leading them to believe that you can get rich at the expense of others, through speculation and assuming risks over which you have no control.  This is actually a not too subtle form of greed.

As you know, greed is a form of idolatry.  Yet greed has certainly been used shrewdly, by the financial industry, to hook gullible people into believing they can get rich in the stock market, even though the majority of stock market gains in that past 50 years have taken place in 10 trading days!  Maybe you like those odds, but this brings up the question Clint Eastwood asked in Dirty Hairy, “Feel lucky, punk?”

Not unexpectedly therefore, the financial industry has been able to monetize greed, and in doing so they have increased their relative income compared to other sectors of the US GDP by over $400 billion per year. This makes the financial industry a macro-economic problem of the first order according to Forbes and others.

This is the reason for the Life Benefits Formula™.  After all, it isn’t how much you make or even the rate of return you earn that produces wealth.  It is always what you keep that creates your fiscal sustainability.  Financial sustainability begins when your efforts have produced something of value for others and you have received compensation for that value as “all hard work brings a profit.”  But that is only the beginning.

Over the years we at McFie Insurance, have focused on using participating whole life insurance to help people build sustainable wealth.  In the purchase of participating whole life insurance there is a component of creating value for others through mutual respect.  Your premium dollar represents your hard work and the mutual respect comes about because your premium dollar pools together with thousands of other premium dollars which then benefits each policy holder as well as their beneficiaries.  As this transpires you are not denied, but actually encouraged, to leverage your death benefit and use the money loaned to you from the pool of money mutually kept by the life insurance company. You can use this money to invest, finance or recover interest that you would normally lose or spend without the ability to take such a loan.  This process has been referred to as “Becoming Your Own Banker”, “Velocity Banking” or as we here at McFie Insurancecall it, the “Perpetual Wealth Code™.”

To successfully use the Perpetual Wealth Code™ takes some education.  Education is not a onetime event but a systematic lifetime process as Nelson Nash acknowledged in Becoming Your Own Banker, which he called the “Infinite Banking Concept”.

Finally, the entire formula is worthless without your faith in the future.  “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.”  As Rabbi Daniel Lapin so adequately explained in his book, Thou Shall Prosper, faith and businessman are the same word in the Hebrew language.

Why?  Because to be in business you must have a greater expectation of the future than what is evident today.

Therefore, because the process utilized in the Perpetual Wealth Code™ is an infinite process, your faith, and your faith alone, limits how far and wide, how deep and tall the process will be implemented in your life.  It’s all about you and what you do with it at this point.  Of course, it is good to acknowledge another Clint Eastwood cliché in Magnum Force, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

Your limitations are defined by

  1. Your work ethic (desire, determination and discipline)
  2. Your respect for both yourself and others
  3. The knowledge you gain on how money really works using the Perpetual Wealth Code™.

Once your limitations are defined, you can opt to live with those limitations or change them as you move forward in faith to build the sustainable wealth you desire.

The Life Benefits Formula™ is to help you focus on the components necessary for you to build wealth.