The Key Was Broken!

Keys are unique…that’s what makes them key.

Imagine a key that could open any lock or turn any tumbler!  Locks, keyholes and tumblers would become obsolete in a hurry.

In our recent move to Southern Nevada from Oregon, we traveled over 1000 miles.  Many of those miles were through desolate high desert valleys found throughout Nevada.  After traveling over 100 miles at one point without seeing any signs of life, we decided to take a rest break at a convenient oasis out in the middle of nowhere.

Everyone got cold drinks and took care of other pit stop necessities. Then we all climbed back into our respective rigs to continue our trip.  As I turned the key in the ignition, the key broke off and to my dismay instead of pulling out the key, I pulled out a broken stub.

Here was our convoy of seven rigs out in the middle of the desert. Imagine what I felt. How long would it take the truck dealership to send out a mechanic? How long would it take to replace the needed parts? Would they need to get a replacement truck? Would we have to unpack the truck and repack everything in a different truck? Ugh! How long would that take??  It’s amazing how so much can flash through your mind, all in a few seconds.

Then a creative thought came to one of our party. So I jammed the broken end of the key I was holding in my hand, into the ignition and it met the broken end of the key inside the tumbler. I was able to force the key to turn on the ignition switch long enough to start the truck. Wow, a wave of relief!

I decided to travel the next 500 miles without turning off that truck because I didn’t want to get stuck without a key to turn it back on. And that turned out to be a very good decision because next morning when friends came to help unload the moving trucks, my truck would NOT start because the key was broken.  The rental dealership sent out a mechanic who spent the day in our driveway to remove the old key and call in a second mechanic to replace the tumbler with a new key.

How thankful we were to realize that we had made the right choice about not turning that truck off out in the middle of the Nevada desert, otherwise we would have never made it to our destination on schedule.

Life is like that.  There are certain things that happen along the journey that you need to make key decisions about.  And it’s always rewarding to look back and see what key decisions you made that paid off.

Today many people aren’t as fortunate.  Instead they are feeling desolate, stranded way out in the desert called retirement with no help for 100s of miles because the key they have with them is broken.  Somewhere along the way they made a choice to trust a key that was broken, and though it seemed to work okay for a while, it now can’t turn on anything.

Perhaps you’ve seen these poor wandering souls passing out samples in the grocery store or worse yet you may know a couple of them that you are helping out because their health is in such a condition that they can’t be productive any longer.

Either way, it’s not pretty.  And you need to either keep your own truck running or you need to make sure the key you are planning on using is strong, solid and secure enough to continue to work for you as long as you live.

Fortunately for those who value safety and security, not every key works in every lock, tumbler or ignition.  That is why you need a unique, individualized key designed and crafted specifically for you.  Otherwise you could become one of those desolate souls longing to have a key that works long after your productive years are gone.  90% of Americans today depend on Social Security Benefits for over 40% of their retirement income.  Don’t get caught stranded clutching to a key like that.

Call our office today and plan your future wisely.  There is nothing like owning a uniquely designed key guaranteed to fit your needs today and all your tomorrows.