The 5-Mile High Therapy Session

“If you want that girl, then you just go for her.” Those were the words I heard the woman sitting next to me tell the young teenage boy on her right as I flew home from Tampa through Seattle.

I had boarded early and was sitting next to the window when a young 20 something woman sat down next to me followed by a young baby face teenage boy with braces commanding the aisle seat.  I had put in my ear buds but could still hear the conversation between these two as the flight took off and headed for Seattle.

The young 20 something was a teacher.  The teenager was the son of divorced parents traveling to see his father.  In his own words, “I’m split between Mom and Dad.  Two weeks with my Dad every 3 months and the rest of the time I’m with my Mom.”

While he ate his pizza, she finished off a carryout burger and fries basket from one of the fast food joints in the airport terminal.

They discussed school, hobbies and entertainment.  She decided that she would buy a movie and they would share ear buds and watch it together.

As the flight proceeded the woman ordered a glass of wine.  The teenager was surprised because I heard him say, “I didn’t think a teacher would drink alcohol.”

The young woman replied, “Of course, teachers drink.  We’re just responsible and party when and where it is appropriate.”

After two glasses of wine it was obvious her light frame (maybe 100 pounds) was not responding as appropriately as it should…or perhaps very appropriately to the amount of alcohol she had consumed.  Her attempts to pause the movie were fumbling and pathetic, as was her staggering trip to the restroom.

After her third glass of wine this “responsible” 20-year old something teacher was so “appropriate” in her manner that she was unable to sustain her sitting posture.  Her shoulder and head were first flopped my way and then due to some very mild air turbulence her body weight teetered away from me and onto the young boy’s shoulder.

I could tell he was trying to be “grown-up” about it but could sense his discomfort.

During the course of these three glasses I overheard some incredible unsolicited therapy.

Here is some of the therapy I heard her provide her captive client:

  • Don’t listen to your parents; trust your own feelings.
  • Your parents are bad examples, just look at their own marriage.
  • Do not listen to your parents about relationships. Trust me.
  • If you want that girl, you just go for her.
  • Tell your stepmom not to meet you at the gate, you’re old enough to find them.
  • Here’s a picture of my boyfriend and me, we’ve been living together for the last 2 months.
  • You’ll never miss Oregon weather. Tampa is perfect.

The effects of the wine did subside in the last hour or so of the six-hour flight.  But then whenever any turbulence occurred this young woman grabbed the boy’s arm and sweatshirt with both hands as if she were going to die.  Each time this would occur she would say, “I’m sorry, I just have to hold on to something.”

As we were on the downwind flight pattern over Seattle I over heard her counseling the boy to take his vitamins and fish oil supplements because, “we don’t have a good diet like the cavemen did.  You are young but when you’re my age you’ll appreciate what I’m telling you.”  What a fine example considering her own meal and wine consumption.

As we got off the flight I noticed she walked him to his next gate and over heard her saying “I just want to make sure you get your connecting flight okay.”  Very interesting considering this was the same woman who had just told him to tell his stepmother to bug off and bug out.

I was hoping the young man would sit next to me on the next leg of the flight from Seattle to Portland.  I wanted to find out what his thoughts and ideas were about this “teacher’s” 5 Mile High Free Therapy Session.   I wanted to share with him what life can really be like if you respect and honor other people, even your parents who, after all, are just people.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have that opportunity.

At the same time, I couldn’t help wonder how many other young people are lucky enough to receive 5 Mile High Therapy Sessions free of charge on their solo trips between parents who have split their children up over their divorce and/or separation.

You and your money management are very similar to the 5 Mile High Therapy Session I observed during my travels this past week.

Too often your money management is being counseled by someone who hasn’t made as much money as you have…maybe even some young, fresh-out-of-college kid who hasn’t lived long enough to realize that everything that goes down, doesn’t come back up again.

You often will get advice similar to what this young teacher was dishing to her captive student:

  • Don’t listen to life agents who talk about whole life insurance; focus on rates of return.
  • Guaranteed returns in whole life insurance policies are nothing compared to what you can earn in mutual funds, stock, bonds or indexed funds.
  • Don’t listen to those telling you to manage your own money. Trust me.
  • If you want a high return, you have to take on bigger risk.
  • Ignore the proven history of dividend paying whole life insurance. You have plenty of time to recover when investments do not pay off.
  • Here’s an Index Universal Life Insurance policy. Enjoy the guarantees of whole life but experience the thrill of the market at the same time.
  • You’ll never miss the money paid out in 2% service charges or the 1% trading fees. This risk level is perfect for you.

Of course, this drivel is a bunch of garbage, just like the rubbish I overheard during the 5 Mile High Therapy Session.

If you want to continue leaving 80% of your money on the table[i] for others to keep and enjoy, keep listening to this drivel.

But if you want to participate in the guaranteed results of dividend paying whole life insurance then join the bankers and the Fortune 1000 who are gobbling up these contracts as fast as they can.  In 2013 banks alone paid over $143 billion in premiums for cash value life insurance.  And corporations now own more than $1 out of every $5 in premiums that are sold.

Call my office to find out if you qualify to own, manage and profit from participating whole life insurance.  And don’t get bamboozled by those who think they can offer you something better.

There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t see a contract, investment or managing fee that is stealing money for the owner because of the garbage someone has been persuaded to purchase or invest in with their hard earned money.

Life is too short for you to lose 80% of your profits.  If you aren’t already a client of McFie Insurance, contact my office immediately to find out if you qualify now.  866-502-2777

You have everything to gain and 80% to lose by waiting.

Best of the best,


P.S. As I left the plane the young teacher was just in front of me talking with her parents on her cell phone.  They were picking her up…meeting her, no less…at the TSA entrance to the terminal.  Her voice had changed from the slick and sexy tone she had used with the young boy to a course, belligerent, ungrateful whine.  I wondered why her parents even bothered to take the time to meet her at the airport!  But then I thought how similar this is to the slick financial planners who are all wise about what other people should do with their money. All too often their slick talk turns to threats and defamation of the prospective client’s character if things don’t go their way…such as you looking at the products and services that will be in your own best interest. You shouldn’t have to put up with any hassle when it comes to your money.  Call 866-502-2777 and experience the award winning service and systems that you really deserve and will need to become more profitable.

P.P.S.  I can’t help but think about how the young boy tolerated the advances of the drunken young teacher on this flight. Maybe it was because he felt he was “split” already, but it made me think how so many people put up with a trusted financial planner, fund manager, friend or family member who badgers them into doing (or not doing) something with their money.  This badgering often comes because the client or potential client considers doing something that is not the most lucrative for the planner. I love to come along side these people and share what their money could really do if they would honor and respect the time proven methods that have established a profitable track record for centuries.  Sometimes I get the opportunity and sometimes I don’t.  But you don’t have to miss out on your opportunity.  Discover how you can profit from these time proven methods…no obligations, ever!  Call 866-502-2777 to find out if you qualify.

[i] interview of John Bogle about the 80% investors leave on the table for fund managers and Wall Street