Sudden Death Trap

As we traveled to San Diego to host the Wealth Summit we almost didn’t make it!  A black BMW car in the left lane of traffic drifted into our lane and forced us to move as far to the right as possible.

The worst part was there as a semi-truck in the lane to our right.  But that didn’t stop the BMW driver.  She just kept on drifting into our lane never realizing that she was creating a SUDDEN DEATH TRAP for my family and me.

Fortunately, I knew I had a lot of horsepower under the hood just waiting to be used in a situation like this.  I stepped hard on the gas, propelling my family and myself out of sudden death into life.

At times like this I am so glad I drive a vehicle that has the guts to meet the demands that it takes to protect me from uncertainty.  If I had been scooting along is an underpowered vehicle I could never have accelerated out of that sudden death trap between the BMW and 18-wheeler.

You see, slamming my brakes on was out of the question.  The car behind me could never have reacted in time at 70 miles an hour to prevent a multiple car pile up.  Sudden acceleration was the only option and I was SO glad I owned it because that option saved our lives!

Horsepower.  That is what is lacking in most people’s financial lives today.

As my son, Jesse, shared at The Wealth Summit if you have $10 in your pocket and don’t have any other debts (not including your home mortgage) you are wealthier than many Americans.

Discover the way to own tons of horsepower when you need it most financially.  You never have to worry about being underpowered when a financial crunch time occurs IF you prepare for it before hand.

You know when I went to purchase my Toyota Tundra I had the option of spending way less and getting a 6 cylinder.  I could have driven away in a Tacoma 4 cylinder.  But if I had made a different choice that day I wouldn’t be writing this blog today.

The same is true with your money.  And the sad thing, is slamming your brakes on financially is out of the question when you are so far down the road that all it would do is create a financial pile up.  The time to act is NOW.

At The Wealth Summit I showed everybody what I have made over the years buying and selling homes since Michele and I got married.  It came to over $350,000!

But if I had understood what was available to me at NO EXTRA COST I would have purchased something with much more horsepower.  That would have given me over 1,000,000 additional dollars today plus the $350,000 and our current home as well.

So don’t find yourself underpowered in a SUDDEN DEATH TRAP.  Getting the necessary horsepower you need to save your life in a financial pinch is just as critical if not more so than having the horsepower to pull away from a crazy driver who is travelling in the fast lane.  And the time to make that decision is NOW, not when the SUDDEN DEATH TRAP begins to squeeze you tight.