Meet Dr. Ethan and Amy Childs!

As a child, Dr. Ethan suffered miserably with migraines. Numerous doctor visits, CT scans, visits to specialists, drugs… nothing fixed the problem. As a last resort, his mother took him to a chiropractor who started adjusting his neck and “saved his life!” After that, Dr. Ethan fell in love with chiropractic. His career choice was easy.

19 years ago, Dr. Ethan became a chiropractor, but to him it feels like yesterday. Pediatric certified, the highlights of his career are helping kids and changing lives. It gives him joy to see what conditions never show up with his patients…because they proactively take care of their nervous system with regular adjustments.

About 10 years ago, Dr. Ethan came across an article in a professional magazine written by a fellow chiropractor, Tom McFie. It talked about how people lose money because of typical financial planning and how to reverse that problem using life insurance. The Childs’ financial situation wasn’t exactly rosy at the time. With five kids, one special needs, and a business they were borrowing and financing almost everything…even tuition for Dr. Ethan’s continuing education.

While trying to grasp the concept McFie was teaching, Dr. Ethan attended a Chiropractic seminar for CE in PA. Who should he meet, but Tom McFie…who was speaking! “That was God intervening,” Dr. Ethan says.

The Childs decided to move forward but they had to figure out where the money for premiums would come from. “It was a struggle and not an easy decision to make.” But Dr. Ethan trusted Tom McFie, and knew this is what they should do. They focused on saving about 10% of their income, took responsibility, cut out certain things and really made sure they flowed that money towards their policies…something that has now become just a way of life.

They first used their policy cash values for the propane bill. Living off a river in Michigan, the Childs heat with propane. Up to this point, they had never completely filled their tank… paying only for what they could afford at the time. This was expensive because every time the propane truck came out, there was a delivery fee. Now, with their policy cash values, they were able to take a loan and pay for $3,000 worth of fuel…a full tank!

Understanding the concept, Dr. Ethan made sure he paid their policy loan back with interest. Every good money manager knows that you shouldn’t loan money for nothing… even if it’s to yourself. Over the years they’ve added policies and used the cash values for several things, like: Amy’s jeep, a travel trailer, family vacations, and a son’s college.

Using this concept, Dr. Ethan and Amy have more financial peace of mind. As Amy says, “There’s not all the questions of where the money will come from, and how to afford every little thing.” Dr. Ethan adds, “Obviously things come up, that’s life, but it’s no longer a worry.” Amy says it’s become a GAME to Dr. Ethan, “He loves to play the money game, he thrives on it. Now it’s always an exciting challenge for him.”

Watching what they’ve been able to do, people ask them, “How can you guys do these things?” It took Dr. Ethan about five years before he felt like he understood the concept well enough to explain it to others. “I draw the diagram that Tom drew me: Here’s the bank. Here’s what they lend out. Here’s what they get paid back with interest. You step into that position, and now, instead of paying someone else that money, you make that interest you were paying out.” Dr. Ethan especially tries to share this with people that he knows are disciplined because, “If you’re disciplined, it’s a no-brainer.”

This month, the Childs are taking a vacation to Puerto Vallarta. Although they’ve taken lots of mini trips, this will be the first full week he’s taken off for vacation.

What an amazing example of persistent discipline! Congratulations, Dr. Ethan and Amy, for becoming good money managers and overcoming what many would have said was impossible. You are an inspiration. God bless your family!

For fun the Childs like to camp, ski, kayak, visit breweries and their youngest son, Emerson, loves to bowl!