Brenda and Brittini Nairn

Does the Perpetual Wealth Code™ work for individuals under age 18?

Dr. Brenda Nairn and her daughter Brittini are from Versailles, Missouri.

At the young age of 6, Dr. Brenda developed a health issue called psoriatic arthritis which took the skin off the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet. Over the next few years, Dr. Brenda saw hundreds of doctors and was hospitalized 2-3 times. Finally, through Chiropractic Care and Acupuncture, Dr. Brenda’s body was able to heal enough so that she could lead a normal life. And she became a chiropractor.

She has been in practice for 17 year, adjusting people and removing interferences to reenable the healing capabilities of the body. Nothing pleases her more than to see the joy on her patients’ faces when they get up off the adjustment table, anticipating their pain, only to find it is gone. A “Wow…really cool” patient she remembers was a baby boy who couldn’t hear. After several adjustments in a day, he was taken back to the doctor who pronounced 100% hearing recovery.

But while Dr. Brenda was helping people’s bodies get well, her finances were not doing so well. She had never been able to take a vacation and she felt the weight of student loans and credit card debt. “There was a lot of drudgery and a lot of making due just to get by,” Dr. Brenda recalls.

Then one day, Dr. Brenda heard about The Perpetual Wealth Code™. She was interested in the concept and decided to investigate, but when she asked the opinion of financial “experts” they “pooh-poohed” the whole idea. Instead, they told her to put her money into a savings account, and it would come out just the same. So she took their advice, but found it wasn’t the same.

An emergency came when she was not expecting it, as all emergencies do, and she was forced to take the money out of her savings. “My savings account was gone…there was nothing to fall back on.”

After a couple similar occurrences, Dr. Brenda decided the choice was up to her and she would give the Perpetual Wealth Code™ a try. She contacted McFie Family Insuranceand purchased a whole life policy. She also started following the 10-20-70 Rule, saving 10% of her income. As this became easier, she gradually added another couple percent and then another until she was saving 18%. “Now, that’s kind of the norm…saving 18% of everything I make,” Dr. Brenda reports…

…During this process, Dr. Brenda’s daughter, Brittini,then 17, was watching the financial changes taking place with her mother. She noticed remodels taking place and there was no fretting over credit card bills.

A self starter and hard worker herself, Brittini was having a busy summer, working 100 hours a week at three different jobs. She didn’t have a lot of time, but her mom encouraged her to read about The Perpetual Wealth Code™. “My mom wasn’t telling me, ‘Get a policy, get a policy,’ she just involved me in what she was doing. Then when I understood The Perpetual Wealth Code™, I was like, ‘Why isn’t everybody else doing this?!’” Brittini recalls.

While Britain was in high-school, Dr. Brenda had always told her to save half of everything she made. Following her mom’s advice, she developed a good savings habit. So when Brittini decided she wanted to purchase her own policy, she had the money in her savings…and then soon had money for a second policy.

Dr. Brenda first attended a Wealth Summit by herself, taking advantage of the VIP option to get the recording to share with Brittini. And they have attended two Wealth Summits together which have really helped in their understanding of The Perpetual Wealth Code™. “Brittini first really ‘got it’ after her first Wealth Summit. And attending the 2016 Wealth Summit in Las Vegas, really helped clarify a lot (for Brittini). I know it cleared up a LOT for me.”

Dr. Brenda has paid off all of her student loans, all of her credit card debt, refinanced her building, done some remodels, turned a garage into a one room apartment for a rental, purchased a new zero turn lawn mower and a small RV.

But that’s not all. Last year, Dr. Brenda was able to take her first vacation in 17 years! She took 12 days off and went to the beach in South Carolina. “‘Because of The Perpetual Wealth Code™, I had saved enough money to pay for the bills while I was gone AND pay for the vacation. I didn’t have to be all distraught about how I was going to manage. I wrote that check happily! That was a first. I don’t have financial freedom yet, but I have Financial Breathing Room, and I know I’m on the right path.”

Last year Dr. Brenda was given the opportunity to join the Mentorship program with McFie Family Insurance. “For the first time, it wasn’t that I couldn’t afford it because I had the money. It’s just that the timing wasn’t right.”

Brittini, positioning herself to be ready for opportunities whenever they might arise, has been able to make a couple car loans to people who needed them. “My money is making more with them then it would have just sitting in the policy,” Brittini figured, “and it’s helping the people around me too.”

In their free time, Dr. Brenda likes to read self-help books, listen to Zig Ziglar tapes and swim in the pool. Brittini likes to drive, play Pool, be submerged in new cultures and bake. She loves to bake Christmas gifts.

Sources: Dr. Brenda Nairn, Brittini Nairn, and the Living Richly newsletter 2017
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