Meet Max and Molly!

Max was born in Argentina. At the age of 9 he began doing currency exchanges using a couple of dollars his grandfather had given him. His friend did the same using a couple dollars his parents had given him and from this small capital, they ended up with a little over $100. “It was really good!” Max recalls…and good for his entrepreneurial heart!

Shortly afterwards, his parents moved to South Africa to get away from the economic collapse of Argentina, arriving in time to witness the economic and social collapse that soon followed in South Africa. Max went to university, studying classical history, philosophy, music anthropology and music. He activated his hope of financial freedom by coming to the United States to play in a rock band. But that dream soon changed when the singer for the band died in a car accident.

Making music was great, and something he enjoyed, but he found the music industry to be another story. “You’re always dependent on other people and an environment that is completely unpredictable. It’s who you know, who helps you and who you help. The odds you have of making it are so low because there are too many variables out of your hands. And you’re never going to make any real money, really.” Max began looking at what else he wanted to do.

Max describes himself as an unemployable being, “pre-genetically” disposed to never work for anybody! Trying to figure things out, Max told himself, “If I don’t understand how money works; where it comes from and where it goes, I will never be able to do anything.”

So he began reading books which led him to more books including one by Nelson Nash, “It seemed to make the most sense,” Max recalled, “And I just picked up the phone and called the phone number in the book.”

Max spoke to Nelson’s son-in-law who sent him a list of about 40 agents who sold life insurance, along with the top 5 he suggested and mentioned that out of the top 5, he’d recommend trying Tom McFie first. Max called Tom’s office, set up an in person appointment and then drove up to Oregon to meet Tom McFie and his family.

“Molly and I had put some money together and we needed to figure out how we wanted to protect it,” Max explains. “Our idea was to put it in a policy and then from the policy we could take chances and if everything failed, then we’d still have the policy. We were also taking care of my mother-in-law. She was sick and we told her that we’d help her with her retirement and guarantee that she was always ok. And that is one of the things that is really great about the policy; If something happens to Molly and myself, her mother will have something to fall back on, and continue to make sure she’s ok even if she continues to deteriorate.”

Max and Molly purchased whole life insurance with Tom McFie and have used the cash values for several things. One of the main things Max likes to use it for is trading options in the market because, “If something doesn’t work out, your money is still in the policy giving you a benefit. And to know that if something happens to me, Molly would be taken care of… that’s a HUGE asset. Way beyond anything else.”

A few years ago, Max decided to create software to track his option trading. Something that would put everything that you need to see all in one place, making it easier for people, (including himself) to monitor their positions quickly and closely. Using his policies’ cash value, Max developed the software, called TradeCheetah, and released it to the public a few years ago. Max also teaches people how to trade options, so if you would like to talk with him, please let us know and we’ll be happy to connect you.

Max always recommends people to get life insurance. After all his years of study and experience with currency collapses in Argentina and South Africa, he says, “I think it’s the smartest way to work with money. It’s the best foundation to have before anything else. It’s a springboard that you can create anything else with while you secure your future and protect your family and loved ones.”

For fun, Max and Molly like to go surfing, play music and learn new things. Max also enjoys painting, reading and studying, and Molly likes to swim, read, play tennis and sing.

Max and Molly currently live in Los Angeles California. They have been using The Perpetual Wealth Code in since 2012. Watch this video as Max shares how: