Mary Jane Mirasol

A couple decades ago Mary Jane Mirasol moved back home from college to work and save money for the continuation of her college education. She found a job working for a chiropractor.  And after two years, she was ready to go back to school.  Moving to Southern California, the chiropractor Mary Jane worked for referred her to his friend and colleague, Dr. Billy DeMoss.

Dr. Bill was in the process of opening his own office and asked Mary Jane if she would like to be his office manager.  Knowing that she really wanted to focus on school, Mary Jane said, “Yes, but only for the summer.” As it turns out that summer has lasted for 23 years! And Mary Jane continues at DeMoss Chiropractic.

Besides serving people through providing a great chiropractic experience in the Newport Beach office, they are also hosts to the annual California Jam, known as Cal Jam. “Our goal with Cal Jam, is to reach more people and spread the chiropractic message. One of the ways we accomplish this is by inviting the general public so that they can come to the event and be inspired.”

Mary Jane was first introduced to McFie Family Insurancein 2010 when McFie Family Insurancewas one of the sponsors at Cal Jam.  “The Perpetual Wealth Code™ was a completely different concept to us because we had stocks and mutual funds and things like that.  But we knew several people that used life insurance and the Perpetual Wealth Code™ and they swore by it.”

With the Perpetual Wealth Code™, Mary Jane knows she has guaranteed accessibility to her money anytime she needs it.   “I can set my own payment plan and decide how long I want to extend it and how much interest I want to pay. I know the money’s there for me when I want to use it…like to go traveling.”

Mary Jane and Dr. Bill both enjoy traveling. Mary Jane also enjoys painting, drawing and making crafts and decorations for the office. And they both enjoy snowboarding, hanging out at the beach and spending time with friends…and their cats.  They have a glossy, black rescue cat and two Bengals.  “They’re very sweet cats, but they can also be real brats,” Mary Jane says, “chewing up nice sweaters and Dr. Bill’s ski socks!”

Sources: Mary Jane Mirasol and the Living Richly Newsletter, 2016