Mark and Dr. Lily Kuenhe

Meet Mark and Dr. Lily Kuehne from Kings Beach, CA in Lake Tahoe!  Because of her love for sports, Dr. Lily began chiropractic school with plans to join the arena of Sports Medicine. As she studied, her whole outlook on life changed. She discovered that chiropractic is really about taking care of and maintaining health….not just sports injuries. She liked the idea of being concerned with her patients having 100% vitality versus just treating symptoms and injuries. Mark did massage and soon became interested in other areas of natural health and became involved in oriental medicine.
When asked what she likes most about what she does, Dr. Lily replies, “The best thing about being a chiropractor is that I get to watch people heal by using my hands alone.”

For Mark, as an acupuncturist, there is never a boring day. “There is always something new, something coming through the door that you never expected,” he says.

Dr. Lily and Mark practiced in San Diego for about 10 years and then, looking to downsize their practices and live a different lifestyle, they decided to move to the Lake Tahoe area in 2000. After selling their practices in San Diego, they were debt free and had a quarter million dollars in the bank. Soon they began investing in property.

After a year off from practice, the Kuehnes found a building they wanted to buy and turn into a wellness center. They also purchased a home. “We were debt free, with money in the bank. But when you get to that point, you want things. So we started accruing debt again,” Dr. Lily explained. In 3 years they found that they had even accrued $90,000 in credit card debt.

Shortly after this, the housing crash hit! With their investments in property, they accrued more debt than they ever intended. Then came the market crash. With a lot of money invested in stocks and her mother’s retirement in Mutual Funds, things didn’t looking rosy. “We probably lost at least 60% of our money,” Dr. Lily recalls.

In 2010, while attending an event, Dr. Lily heard Tom McFie present. She had heard about the concept Tom was talking about from an Audio CD a friend had given her. She had been approached regarding using life insurance as a financial tool in the past, and she wasn’t open to the idea. But when Dr. Lily heard Tom present, something clicked with her. “I was slightly familiar with the concept, but the way he presented it, it just made so much sense,” says Dr. Lily.

Within two weeks after meeting Tom, the Kuehnes were working with McFie Family Insurance. They cashed out their IRAs and also her mother’s IRA. With this money in Life Insurance, they began practicing The Perpetual Wealth Code™ (PWC).

The Kuehnes soon had a blueprint for getting out of debt and paying themselves first. Following this plan, the Kuehnes just finished paying off all of their credit cart debt last year. Congratulations to the Kuehnes! Well done!!!
“It’s amazing, when you have the discipline, you do have the money,” Dr. Lily notes. “I call and ask how much money I have available to borrow, and I get this lovely surprise!”

When asked about what the PWC has done for them, Dr. Lily responds, “The biggest is thing is making us be really diligent with paying ourselves first…the PWC really made us be disciplined.”
Although the Kuehnes have mostly focused on using the PWC to pay off debt, they have some new expenses on the horizon. Their office building needs some improvements and the cost of a new computer system for the office is also around the corner. This time, they will be able to borrow the money they need from their policies.

During the summer and fall, the Kuehnes enjoy downhill mountain biking, which is a big thing in Tahoe. And during the winter months the Kuehnes enjoy snowboarding and telemark skiing. “That’s why we moved to Tahoe…because we’re really big snowboarders,” Dr. Lily explains. Keep your eyes out when you’re in Tahoe, you might just bump into Mark and Dr. Lily, not literally, but just like some of the McFie Team did this last winter.

Besides paying off debt, another great accomplishment by the Kuehnes was their climb to the top of Mt Whitney in July…all 14,496 feet! They started early in the morning, before it was light, and reached the Summit before nightfall. Wow! Watch them go…

Sources: Dr. Lily and Mark Kuehne and the Living Richly Newsletter, 2016