Dr. Paul Reed

After receiving his first adjustment when he was in eighth grade, Dr. Paul Reed knew he wanted to become a Chiropractor.  “I didn’t really know what it all meant at the time,” he admits “but something spiritual changed inside me and I knew this is what I wanted to do when I got older.”

Dr. Reed graduated from Chiropractic College 17 years ago last month, and opened his first practice in Washington, which was an instant success.  He was blessed to have connected with some good coaches and everything fell into place. Dr. Reed is all about helping the community. He has four established offices and a new one opening this month!

Besides being a successful chiropractor, he is also a great teacher and coach. Dr. Reed trains new graduates in his practice, teaching them his techniques and helping them to become both strong and comfortable with serving patients. Then, they have the opportunity to work in one of his offices.  So while Dr. Reed is taking care of patients and coaching new doctors in his main office, the other doctors are out helping more people!

About 5 years ago Dr. Reed was introduced to participating whole life insurance and The Perpetual Wealth Code by Tom McFie. “Right away, we hit it off big. Our values aligned and I like to work with people of like-mind.”

Dr. Reed uses his cash values to finance all of his business equipment. And He looks forward to financing his personal expenses, like vacations, too. He is excited to know he will be able to help his children with college and housing expenses, as they get older.

Dr. Reed loves the outdoors. When he’s not seeing patients or working with other chiropractors, you may find him hiking, biking or fishing with his son Logan.

Sources: Dr. Paul Reed and the Living Richly Newsletter, 2015