The Vargas Family

Meet the Vargas family from Sunny California!

When Dr. Chris was about 20 years old, he had some digestive issues. Getting chiropractic care, fixed those issues and he became “hooked” with how the body can heal itself. So much so that he found himself touring a chiropractic college… and within 6 months he was enrolled!

That’s where he met Adana, another student who had, prior to attending chiropractic college, been thinking of becoming an attorney. While she was working as an assistant for a pediatric chiropractor, she witnessed such positive changes in the health of young patients and saw the good that was being provided to families that she had a change of plans… she decided to become a chiropractor.

At first, Dr. Chris thought he would work with athletes, helping them achieve their peak level of performance. Then a local chiropractor spoke at their school about chiropractic care for kids. This chiropractor hosted regular meetings which Dr. Chris attended and studying the information presented he decided to specialize in providing chiropractic care for families.

After graduation, Dr. Chris and Dr. Adana, opened a clinic together: Innate Family Chiropractic, in Pasadena, CA.

Shortly after starting their practice, Dr. Chris attended another of the regular meetings. This particular time, a guest and fellow chiropractor, Tom McFie, talked about a financial strategy (The Perpetual Wealth Code™) that gives the everyday person a greater level of control over their own finances using specifically designed high cash value life insurance.

Dr. Chris bought the book McFie recommended and became more familiar with the concept. “It just made sense. The big banking systems are set up in such a way that don’t meet the requirements that we’re looking for. This just seemed to fit and (it) aligned…with our philosophy,” Dr. Chris explains.

He contacted McFie Family Insurance, McFie’s office, and purchased his first policy. Although he didn’t understand everything when he started, he understood enough to know it made sense. Looking back, Dr. Chris says, “Once you have your first policy, then you start to see what it’s like.”

Over the years of following The Perpetual Wealth Code™, the Vargas’ have primarily used their policy as a vehicle for paying off debts. A couple years ago when Drs. Chris and Adana were married, they used it to pay wedding expenses. Last year they used it to fund a large 1st year birthday party and baptism combo for their daughter, Amaya. Those are the main things, but Dr. Chris adds, “I’ve also mixed in some other fun stuff as well.”

When asked what he’d tell others about The Perpetual Wealth Code™, Dr. Chris gives his answer: “I would describe to them the level of control they have over their own finances and their financial future. Having that level of control and making our decisions is a huge freedom.” He next touches on qualified plans, “So many folks buy into or are sold (qualified plans) that don’t have their best interest in mind. Looking out for all those fees and things that are going to strip away their financial future are not made clear to them at the beginning. Their money can be better spent elsewhere where they can control it and make decisions for themselves.”

Dr. Chris has purchased a second policy on himself, one for Dr. Adana and will be starting a policy soon for Amaya, their daughter. “We are going to continue to grow this for our family,” Dr. Chris says.

The Vargas’ love to travel and joke about how Amaya, who is not quite 2 years old, has more stamps in her passport than either Drs. Chris or Adana had in their first 20 some years of life, combined… she is getting very comfortable on airplanes! Once the Vargas’ arrive at their travel destinations, they like to seek out “mom and pop” coffee shops to see the experience they provide for their customers and their community.