Sex and Money

A married man recently confided in me that he could NOT trust his wife of nearly 33 years with money.  That wasn’t a shock to me because those close to this couple know this marriage is on the rocks.  Some even believe that a divorce is imminent.

It isn’t any secret that disputes and conflicts about money are listed as one of the major reasons for divorce.  But recently a poll of hundreds of couples discovered a previously undisclosed fact about how to develop marital bliss.  And the results might surprise you.

Regardless of age, length of marriage or what generation the couples belong to, couples reported that the more they TRUSTED each other about money and money management the more frequent and intense their desire became to spend time alone.

As one of the researchers said, “Throw out the lingerie, massages and champagne because harmony about money and money management brings the most bliss to the bedroom.”[i]

That comes back to what we’ve always said here at McFie Insuranceand that is, “Wealth is not money, wealth is what is left after all your money is gone.”

Building healthy relationships is what creates true wealth and this study just confirms another aspect of this obvious fact.

Knowing that money IS an intimate part of your marriage relationship translates into the awareness that you should make sure you develop a trusting communicative relationship with your partner especially concerning money and money management.

Of course, money is just one of the areas that trust can be nurtured and developed in a relationship, and it just happens to be a VERY BIG area.  And there is no other better way to build that financial trust than by owning life insurance.

Think about it for just a moment.  Who would you trust more: 1) Someone who wants all you can give? 2) Someone who has planned to take care of you even after they are dead and gone?

The answer is so obvious that it makes absolutely NO sense to ignore it or its consequences.

Making sure that your life is fully insured so that your partner knows they WILL be taken care of, even when you are dead and gone, will ABSOLUTELY turn up the heat and turn on the fireworks in your relationship.  And not just in the bedroom!

Of course, there will always be those who say, “What does money have to do with that?”

And whoever says that does so because they simply DON’T understand life.  Life isn’t about the money.  Life’s relationships are about developing TRUST because trust builds VALUE!  Interestingly enough, when you trust someone concerning money and money management matters you can trust them with just about everything else in life that truly matters, is significant or is important.

But the opposite holds true just as well.

Little to no trust about money matters causes limited or reduced trust in other crucial areas in any relationship not just in marriages.  But that is why my friend’s confession to me about his wife was NO surprise.  The ruins of their marriage are so obvious to everyone, it is only logical that there hasn’t been any trust about money matters either.

Ultimately however it’s not about HOW much money you have to manage, it’s about the trust involved with the management of the money you DO have.  More trust spells more VALUE.  More value spells more happiness. More happiness spells more fulfillment. And more fulfillment spells more completeness.

Of course, everyone knows that completeness in marriage expresses itself in one aspect through SEX.  And no healthy individual willingly attempts to have less fulfillment, happiness or value in that area of life.

And that’s the inside scoop on Sex and Money.

Building trust in your relationship is key IF you want to create more real wealth in your life.  And life insurance plays a major role in building that trust.

[i] How Money Can Improve Your Sex Life,  Kerri Anne Rnezulli; May 27, 2015