Presenting in a Castle

Back several years ago, our family travels led us to discover the Vikingsholm Castle at Emerald Bay in South Lake Tahoe.  Built in 1929 with over 200 workers, the Castle was built from materials that were mostly found near and around the Lake Tahoe basin.  Much of the structure was hand hewn and honed and many sections of the Castle have no nails, pegs or spikes but are held together by the craftsmanship that was employed.

This past weekend, I was invited to give a presentation about the Perpetual Wealth Code and how it can build and sustain one’s wealth at a Castle in Alpine, California.  This Castle was built over a longer period of time than the Vikingsholm Castle but was also constructed mostly out of stone with wood that had intricately been put together.  It even had its own dungeon in the cellar!  Obviously, neither of these Castles ever had to be used defensively to ward off the advances of enemy armies but their grandeur, as well as their hard-cold interiors, aptly reproduced their European counterparts.

The Vikingsholm Castle, built on the shore of Lake Tahoe’s Emerald Bay, has a view of the most photographed bay in the world while the Castle in Alpine, California is built overlooking a small valley of giant boulders and other residential properties.  Never-the-less they both are Castles and can be identified as such by their design and the materials used in their construction.

Similarly, when engineering a participating policy designed for use by a client using the Perpetual Wealth Code™, the products used must be consistent with the end results that the client is wanting to attain or there will be disappointment, frustration or even a financial loss that could result.  If you want a Castle, then you have to lay the foundation for a Castle, not a townhouse or a skyscraper.  The first will not be adequate enough and the second with be an overkill.

Fortunately, all the attendees at my Castle Presentation were warm and receptive to the idea of building and sustaining, not just rapid growth but short-term growth, in their portfolio.  Castles are built solid and strong so that they are capable of withstanding the obstacles that are hurled against them or that they are bombarded with.  So, it is with participating whole life insurance policies that are designed to be used with the Perpetual Wealth Code™.  There is no doubt that other life insurance products can initially provide higher coverage limits with less cost.  Nor is there any confusion that other life insurance products might be able to deliver higher cash values sooner than a participating whole life insurance product can.

But this is the hard-cold fact about participating whole life insurance:  There is no other life insurance product that can build greater sustainable cash values and higher death benefits than participating whole life insurance over the long run. And that is why it remains the Castle of the Perpetual Wealth Code™.  It is truly the Castle on the Hill that can’t be conquered, battered or defeated, regardless of what is hurled at it or what it is bombarded with.

That is the beauty of using participating whole life insurance.  There is nothing to compare it with.  That is why it remains the most respected insurance product on the market today because it has withstood everything that has been hurled at it and everything with which it has been bombarded.

The story about the 3 Little Pigs comes to mind when I think about the different types of life insurance.  There is the first little pig who was happy because he had a roof over his head that cost him next to nothing and took very little planning or time to construct.  Of course, we know, it was a house of straw, and was soon overcome by the hungry wolf.

The second little pig was looking for something a bit more permanent, so he decided upon a wooden structure that took more of his resources, time and effort to construct.  Pathetically, this little pig’s shelter was devastated by the hungry wolf almost as easily as the first pig’s shelter was.

It was only the third little pig that was savvy enough to realize that there are hungry wolves in the world that will devastate and destroy anything that is not solid, stable and sustainable. So, he designed and built his home out of bricks.  Of course, we know the story’s ending.  The third little pig is the one that saved the day because when the hungry wolf did come around, both the first and second pig found shelter in the third little pig’s solid, stable and sustainable home that was made of brick and mortar.

Participating whole life insurance is the solid, stable and sustainable financial structure that promotes growth, protects your assets and provides you with the ability to help others without inviting ruin for yourself. And that is why without Participating Whole Life insurance in your portfolio, you are more vulnerable to losing assets, acquiring less and hindering your ability to make the world a better place.

We all need a Castle to protect ourselves from whatever the financial world can and will hurl at us or bombard us with.  If you don’t have participating whole life in your portfolio, or if you do but don’t know how to utilize it while you are still living, call us at 702-660-7000, we can help.