“Original Document Enclosed”

The envelope looked impressively official and the bold block letters on the brightly colored paper was even more authoritative looking.

We’ve all been subjected to ads designed to look legitimate and formal yet upon investigation are nothing more than a bunch of fluff attempting to encourage us to purchase something needlessly.

But this paperwork looked different.  It looked real!  I peeled back the first page and read more. And this “Original Document Enclosed” was REAL!  It was the Deed of Recording on our home.

I can’t even begin to count the number of emails, calls or questions directed to our office where someone is concerned about what kind of life insurance coverage they have and if the policy they have been sold will work with The Perpetual Wealth Code™.

Occasionally we are able to give them good news.  But all too often we have to share with them that they were sold a bunch of fluff and, while looking legitimate and formal, it will end up costing them money instead of benefiting them or their loved ones as they had intended to do.

Some people get offended. After all, it may have been a trusted friend or family member who sold them the product. Sometimes these people choose not to believe that they have been sold a bill of goods which won’t do what they were promised it would do when they purchased it.

Others are angered that they were not told the difference at the time the sale was made. While others are disappointed, they’re also relieved to discover the problem before it becomes too late for them to do something to correct the problem.

The bottom line is this.  Not everything that looks official or authoritative IS.  And even more importantly, YOU needn’t be fooled by purchasing a product that shifts any part of the risk back onto YOU instead of the insurance company. After all, that’s what insurance is for in the first place…To FREE YOU from RISK!

If you have questions about your life insurance policy(s) or want to discover how to become more profitable and enjoy the wealth you create while you are still living as well as pay a death benefit to those you love and care for when you die then give McFie Insurancea call today. You’ll be very you did because that “Original Document” you hold may not be exactly what you thought it was when you purchased it. And if it turns does turn out to be the REAL stuff, you’ll be glad too. It will add to your peace of mind.