New Beginnings

Trump, terrorism, or transgenderism, wherever you look, wherever you go the world seems to be in tumult.  And regardless of what your political views are, because today is the day that you are living, it’s totally up to you to make the best out of it all.  That is, if you want to enjoy life and make a difference in the world.

As you know everything in life has two sides.  Obviously then in order for you to make the best out of it all you will have to consider the flip side.

For example, lets flip one of those 3 “T”s over, terrorism, and expose its vulnerable side.  Happily, we won’t find war, violence, racism, bigotry or killing on the flip side of terrorism.  No, terrorism’s flip side is where we will find peace through strength, wisdom through understanding and value through service.  And although you and I are not in a political position to stop the terrorism perpetuated in the world today, we certainly can do our part.

Our part starts by personally becoming stronger, shunning racial divisiveness and avoiding bigotry of any kind.  In this way we can be prepared to defend ourselves and our loved ones against the acts of violence that terrorism incites while living in harmony with those we interact with on a daily basis. This approach will produce a peace that transcends any other solution.   And most importantly, with this peace you will be able to see clearly enough to create value.  Value, not only for you, but for the rest of the world as well.

Examining the flip side of any situation in life works the same way.  The reason this is so is because every coin has two sides, or as Sir Isaac Newton said, “For every action, there is a reaction.” The law of gravity pulls us earthward, but the law of lift overcomes gravity.  Yes, it does take effort to apply the law of lift, whereas the law of gravity is constant and requires nothing on your part.  But if you put in the effort to flip the coin you can soar with eagles because the law of lift will always be the flip side of gravity.

Obviously the only drawback to making the best of it all is that it does take effort.  You see, nothing can be created or destroyed in this world.  Things only alter the form in which they appear.  The form of things and how they appear depends largely on the amount of skill, energy and effort you put into altering them.  Low energy, little effort and no skill doesn’t make much of any beneficial alteration. However, the more energy, effort and skill you apply to flipping coins in your life, the more and better changes you can make…discovering the best of it all.

Money and financial worries and glitches have a flip side as well.  Pathetically, far too few people have discovered the flip side of their money and financial dilemmas.  And for the most part, it isn’t their fault.

That is because we have been trained like the fleas that Zig Ziglar spoke about so frequently.

Fleas can be trained to stay in a glass jar. The training takes place this way: A lid is placed on the top of a jar that contains fleas.  At first, the fleas jump up and hit the jar lid.  They do this over and over again until they learn that they can’t jump out. Soon the jar lid can be removed, and the fleas will never jump high enough to get out of their prison cell.  They have been trained to jump only so high and no higher.

Like fleas we’ve been trained to stay inside the glass container that the elites, for the most part, have designed for the masses.  But we don’t have to live like fleas. And the good news is:  There is NO jar lid!  The jar lid is and always was a false ceiling.  You can jump out and enjoy the freedom and beauty you see all around you anytime you chose. But it will take effort because you have been trained to jump only so high. So try flipping the coin over and see what possibilities await you on the flip side of your prison cell.  Making the best out of all things in life, IS worth the effort.