Need a Jump?

I turned the key in the ignition switch but nothing.  What was going on?  Then it dawned on me.  I had been waiting for my son to get out of his appointment with the ignition off, but my lights were on.  Swoosh, there went all the reserves in my battery.  Just when I thought everything was fine!

While calling for assistance, a fellow drove up next to us and rolled down his window asking, “Need a jump?”  Man, were we ever glad he came along.  Not only did he give us our needed jump start, but he also told us to “pay if forward.”  What a hero!

The unexpected happens with money and finances too.  You’re going along just fine when all of a sudden, swoosh, out of nowhere comes trouble, an unexpected expense or a liability that you weren’t aware of and there goes all your reserves.  That is when the power of participating whole life insurance can help. Regardless of the liability, the unexpected expense or the trouble at hand, you can absolutely depend on the strength, stability and sustainability that participating whole life insurance can provide you with through the guaranteed cash value, dividends and death benefit.

Participating whole life insurance has been around for over 150 years providing those very necessities to individuals, families, businesses and non-profits.

In fact, it has been said that participating whole life insurance is an absolutely essential leg of Americanism, because without participating whole life insurance there wouldn’t be as much certainty in the financial world or our future.

Participating whole life insurance provides capital for those who are developing and growing our economy, without risking the money the policy holders pay to the insurance company.  And it accomplishes this while providing an average to superior rate of return on your money while you are still living!  Once you do pass, the tax-free money that flows from you to your beneficiaries is literally unmatchable with any other financial tool available today.  How’s that for a jump start?  Of course, all during your life whenever you need a jump financially, the cash values in your policy are waiting for you to leverage and deploy, without penalty, fee or loss of growth in your policy.

So, if you realize that life happens…swoosh, what you thought was fine, all of a sudden isn’t.  You know that everyone will need a jump sooner than later.  Don’t leave it to chance, make sure your jump start is fully charged and ready at the exact time you’re going to need it most. Contact our office at 702-660-7000 to make sure your hero (participating whole life insurance policy) is ready to assist you when you need it most.  Acting today will not only give you a jump on life today, it will allow you to pay it forward for the next generation as well.